Can you get a free water with your takeaway lunch?

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

Buying a bottle of water with your takeaway lunch can cost up to £2, so Martin Lewis set me the task of heading out to all the well-known chains to see which would give me free tap water when I ordered food to go.

We know restaurants that serve alcohol are obliged by law to offer all customers free drinking water, but elsewhere – eg, McDonald’s, Pret A Manger, Subway or Starbucks – it’s down to individual staff members and managers’ discretion.

See the video below for where I was allowed a free cup of water with my lunch…

Will it always work?

There are no guarantees, unfortunately. Although it worked for me on all the occasions I tried it, buying a £4ish lunch from 10 different chains near MSE Towers, I’ve heard of others being refused from time to time.

Of course, it’ll depend on the person who serves you, but a smile and being polite can go a long way and is likely to boost your chances.

So while buying lunch out obviously isn’t as MoneySaving as making it yourself, you can at least try to cut the cost by asking nicely for a cup of tap water.

The worst they can do is say “no”. Good luck!

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