Cadbury’s ‘hunt for the white Creme Egg’ competition to win up to £2,000

With Christmas behind us, love it or hate it, shops are already filling their shelves with Easter goodies. Now chocolate giant Cadbury has hopped on the marketing frenzy with an early Easter hunt to find limited edition white chocolate Creme Eggs to win between £100 and £2,000 – quite the Golden Ticket indeed (see where we’re going with this). There’s one top prize of £2,000 to be won – see the prizes breakdown by retailer below.

But don’t count your chickens just yet, there are only 371 white eggs out there. So, this isn’t one to get too egg-cited about, but if you’re going to buy a Creme Egg anyway, here’s how to be in with a chance of winning.

– Grab a Creme Egg (you’ll have to shell out around 50p) from a selected Tesco, Co-op or independent store between Mon 1 Jan and Sun 1 Apr, or from a Sainsbury’s store between Tue 26 Dec and Mon 2 Apr. Important: If a store’s participating in the offer, it’ll have Cadbury’s ‘hunt for the white Creme Egg’ advertising clearly displayed inside.

– If your Creme Egg is made of white chocolate, there should be a voucher under the foil wrapper. Call the phone number printed on it before Sun 1 Apr, or Mon 2 Apr if your egg’s from Sainsbury’s. You’ll then reach an Oompa-Loompa (not Willy Wonka, silly) who’ll ask for the code on your voucher, the retailer you bought it from and its location. Answer those correctly and hey presto, you’re a winner – you’ll then be told if you’ve won £100, £200, £1,000 or £2,000.

Prizes breakdown

Where to find ’em

What are the prizes?
£2,000 £1,000 £200 £100
Co-op 1 90
Sainsbury’s 14 84
Tesco 7 84
Independent retailers 13 78

It’s worth remembering that there will only be 371 winners from the millions of Creme Eggs that Cadbury is likely to sell – so it’s only really worth buying one if you actually want to eat it, not just to enter. Visit the Cadbury website for full terms and conditions.

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