Primark’s £1 false nails – are they any good?

False nail fanatics have been painting the town red with Primark’s £1-£2 stick-on sets, sharing gleaming reviews and polished photos of their budget home manicures on social media.

Salon gel or acrylic nails usually cost £20+ for 2-3 weeks wear, so by swapping to Primark’s false nails you could save £100s a year (even if you buy stick-on nails elsewhere, they usually cost £3-£5, so you could still make a decent saving). With the stakes so high, we couldn’t resist trying them out for ourselves. So let’s see if they live up to the hype…

MSE Lucia gives them a go on Fri 12 Jan

They come in packs of 24, including adhesive, in a pretty extensive variety of colours and effects, including glitter and holographic. We opted for a ‘new nude’ colour in an ‘almond’ nail shape for £1.

They were easy to apply and it took less than 10 minutes to do both hands. First impression – from far away they look pretty good. Though look at them up-close, and you’ll see they’re not the best fit. However, if you took the time to file them, you could probably get a closer match than we did.

Two hours later…

Two hours on and two of the false nails had come off – one whilst typing and the other trying to open a sweet, so not the most trying of tests! But, they could easily have been re-glued on, plus you do get quite a few spares. At this point, the rest were still going strong.

Looking back at how they lasted on Mon 15 Jan

A few hours into Friday night and all the false nails had come off – some came off by themselves and the rest were popped off. Despite this, we reckon they’re still pretty good value for £1 and would be great for a special occasion or a night out.

Better still, one MoneySaver told us that her Primark false nails lasted a full week. So if you spend some time filing them to fit your nails and apply them with enough glue, they’d probably last a few days.

Have you worn Primark’s false nails? Or do you use any other beauty bargains that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, or Twitter.