How to get 50ish FREE Caffè Nero drinks a year by stacking TWO offers

Live or work near a Caffè Nero? Listen up… There’s a way you can get 50ish hot drinks on the house each year by combining separate offers (known as ‘stacking’).

It’ll work on most coffees, hot chocolate and tea – it’s all about the free tea in my eyes – and could be a lifesaver on those days when a thermos of homebrew won’t cut it.

Here’s how it works, in two easy steps:

Welcome to the world of deal stacking. To get free tea, you’ll be stacking two offers:

To get the O2 Priority offer, simply download the app, sign in and search for ‘Caffè Nero’ on a Tuesday or Wednesday and it should appear, with your closest store. Don’t click ‘use it now’ until you’re near the front of the queue as it’ll expire after 15 minutes. Scan the QR code on the app to pay and you’ll get your drink for free. There’s your first freebie!

Now, on to the stack. Make sure you download the Caffè Nero app to collect 'stamps' on a virtual stamp card, and since you remembered to show this app before the O2 app, you get one 'free' stamp on your app. If you buy a coffee normally, you'll get one stamp for the coffee, and another for using your own cup – so don't forget it!

As most people won’t go every week of the year – and, crucially, the offer isn’t on every week of the year – I’ve based my estimate on getting 45 free hot drinks from O2 in a year. This means you’d get 45 stamps on the app when you go each time, which then means you should have five stamp cards full (nine stamps on each card) on the app, each full card getting you an extra drink free, bringing the estimated total to 50 freebies!

Will it always work?

As this deal stack now depends on two apps working properly, there's no guarantee, but it's always worth asking before you show your O2 code whether you can collect a 'free' stamp on the Caffè Nero app. The app will also sometimes give out random freebies or money off vouchers, so if you're a regular at Caffè Nero it's worth downloading.

While I often give the free teas to my friends or homeless folk, I do drink a lot of them myself. It can be especially handy at train stations and airports, where normal offers usually don’t apply, and the drinks tend to be more expensive.

As this trick only works at Caffè Nero, if you don’t live or work near one, see our free tea and coffee page to see if you can get a freebie elsewhere.

Do you have any other MoneySaving ways to get free hot drinks? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter.