Spend £25 on board games, get a £20 Pizza Express voucher

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

Pizza and board games – what more could you need? With this deal, you can bag yourself a ‘free’ meal out by spending £25 on board games (which could be stashed away for birthday presents or Christmas).

From now until Sunday (25 Mar), by buying selected board games at Tesco Direct*, you can earn 500-1,000 bonus Clubcard points – which will be enough to exchange for a £20 voucher for Pizza Express, Zizzi or Prezzo.

Spending £25 on board games will earn you 500 extra Clubcard points, and spending £50 earns you 1,000 Clubcard points. So if you wanted to stock up, maybe thinking ahead to Christmas (yes I know it’s only March), you can potentially double the bonus and bag a £40 voucher with a £50 spend.

To get the deal, simply purchase from the selection of games* (being sure to enter your Clubcard number) and the points will be added to your account (though it may not be instant).

What does 500 Clubcard points buy me?

Clubcard points is Tesco’s loyalty points which can be redeemed for a number of rewards, including some at double, triple or (but sadly not for much longer) quadruple their value – see our Clubcard Boost guide. And this is how you extract the most from this offer on board games.

500 points alone would get you £5 off your weekly shop, but you can redeem these points at quadruple value at restaurants including Pizza Express, Zizzi and Prezzo, where 500 points gets you £20 worth of vouchers. If you opted for the 1,000 Clubcard points offer, you’d receive £40 in vouchers.

If you didn’t want to redeem your points on restaurants, there are plenty of other rewards to choose from, including triple value on Uber credit (500 points gets you £15 credit) and Goldsmiths (500 points gets you £15 to spend on its jewellery etc).

By choosing one of these higher value redemptions, you can get your hands on several popular board games, and your out-of-pocket spend would only be £5 – assuming of course, you’d normally have spent that money on restaurant grub (or whatever reward you select).

Is it a good deal?

There are some pretty big titles included in the bonus points offer, including Monopoly, Cluedo and Pie Face, however, they aren’t always cheapest at Tesco. It’s only worth doing this deal if you planned on buying games to start with, as they can be found cheaper at other retailers. By claiming the voucher, your effective spend is only £5 for the games. Yet if you just wanted the games, you can likely get a better deal elsewhere.

Examples of games I found cheaper somewhere else on Fri 23 Mar:

– Monopoly Gamer Super Mario for £32 – only £16.99 at Smyths

– Hearing Things board game for £25 – only £19.99 at Argos

– Monopoly Ultimate Banking for £22.50 – only £21.99 at Smyths

So basically, it’s good as long as you’ve use for a restaurant voucher (or other reward) and planned to invest in some new games anyway – but as always, compare prices elsewhere before you buy to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

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