FREE Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on Free Cone Day 2018

Jordon Cox

By MoneySavingExpert's Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

Here’s a scoop for you… it’s the date freebie and ice cream lovers circle in their diaries. Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day is back once again this month…

On Tue 10 Apr, you can walk into a participating store between 12-8pm and walk out with a free ice cream in your hand and a smile on your face.

We’re still getting all the details, but here’s everything we know so far (we’ll update you here as soon as we find out more).

What is Free Cone Day?

Once a year, Ben & Jerry’s gives out free ice cream cones at selected stores across the UK. It’s become something of a tradition for die-hard ice cream fans – though where it’s actually available tends to change every year.

To see if you can benefit, find your nearest participating store – you’ll need to enter your postcode and tick the ‘Participate Free Cone Day’ box. Unfortunately, as locations are fairly sparse this year, you may find it’s too far for you to travel.

Where can I get my free cone?

Participating stores include Ben & Jerry’s standalone shops and some cinema concessions. In past years, more widespread cinemas including Odeon have taken part, but this time round it’s mostly Showcase (all locations except Southampton and Peterborough), Empire and just one Vue in central London.

When we searched around the UK map, there were very few stores participating in most areas. Generally speaking, there’s only one option per region (eg, Bluewater for the South East, Newquay for the South West), with a few more scattered around major cities such as London and Birmingham. So be sure to check there’s one near you before making any plans.

Once you’ve found a participating store, all you need to do is turn up between 12pm and 8pm and ask for your free cone. It’s one scoop per cone (norm £2.95), and you can choose any flavour. It’s likely there’ll be long queues so either get there early, or be prepared to wait a while for your freebie.

Ben & Jerry’s says there’s no limit to the number of free cones you can get, but you will have to join the queue again if you’re after a second one.

Note: MSE can’t be held responsible for any ice cream-induced headaches or sugar rushes after claiming multiple freebies.

Will you be heading to a Ben & Jerry’s for a free cone? Is there one close to you? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or Facebook.