Trick to pay 1p for £6 Lenor fabric conditioner - EXPIRED

Having your clothes smelling fresh has possibly never been cheaper than with this coupon-stacking trick, which, done right, lets you pay just a penny for a fancy 1L bottle of Lenor.

MSE Update, Wed 9 May 4.42pm: The Lenor coupon appears to have been removed from SuperSavvyMe’s website since we included this in our weekly email - so unfortunately, the trick will no longer work unless you’ve already printed your coupon. We’re in contact with SuperSavvyMe to see if the coupon can be reinstated and we’ll update you here if it returns. In the meantime, see our full list of 100+ Supermarket Coupons you can print.

I love a good coupon, and this week I stumbled on a perfect example of how you can maximise coupons by stacking them with in-store offers to bag enormous discounts.

While technically the coupon should be available until the end of the month, SuperSavvyMe told us there's a limited number of coupons, so go quick if it's something you want. Here’s how to do it in two easy steps:

Step 1 - Print the coupon

Go online to couponing site SuperSavvyMe, where there’s currently a coupon for £2.99 off Lenor Parfum Des Secrets fabric conditioner, which you can use at a number of supermarkets.

On a desktop device – not a phone or tablet – click to add the coupon to your basket then click the basket symbol on the lower right-hand side of the screen. You’ll then be able to switch the slider from cashback to coupon print, and be able to print your coupon.

If it’s the first time you’ve printed coupons, it’s worth first trying with a coupon you don’t want as much as the Lenor coupon, then print that when you’ve successfully printed the first coupon.

Step 2 - Stack it with Tesco £3 off

Take the coupon to Tesco (find your nearest*) and you should find the Lenor’s on a half-price offer at £3 (norm £6) until Tue 15 May. So after your £2.99 off coupon’s been scanned, there’s only 1p left to pay.

Obviously, it’ll need to be in stock for you to buy it – if it’s sold out, unfortunately, your coupon’s useless – but if you can’t get it at Tesco, Asda (find your nearest*) has the same product for £4, so £1 with the coupon.

A couple of smaller Tesco stores we tried didn’t sell the Lenor, but we found it straight away at a larger store.

Will it definitely work?

SuperSavvyMe says the coupon, valid for 30 days from printing, should be accepted at all major supermarkets that stock the Lenor. While it could be pulled early, the coupon should be available until Thu 31 May.

We do occasionally hear reports of checkout staff not accepting coupons, which can be due to error or inexperience. If this happens, try asking politely to speak to a manager about the store’s coupon policy.

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Remember, we've 100+ Supermarket Coupons just like this one. Let us know how you get on in the comments below or on Twitter.