Buy £1 sauce, get 'free' Nando's chicken

Nando’s rarely offers discounts, so although this deal may be fiddly, it’s still a hot offer which will leave regulars in peri-dise.

By buying a £1 bottle of Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce in the supermarket, you can get a free £3.95 quarter chicken breast or £3.70 starter (eg, hummus and pitta bread) when you spend £5 in Nando’s until Fri 31 Aug.

Most people will want a side and drink with their quarter chicken, which will hit the £5 min spend. It’s not the biggest discount I’ve ever told you about (my personal favourite is the £2 Big Mac & fries McDonald’s hack), but it’s pretty good for Nando’s as essentially you get £9ish worth of grub and a drink for £6ish, plus some sauce for your cupboard.

Here’s how to do it for £1:

1) Pick up a promo bottle of Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce (125g or 250g). It needs to be a bottle that has a ‘Free quarter chicken’ neck collar attached to it – £1 at Tesco* until Tue 24 Jul. Or alternatively, it’s £2 at Asda*Sainsbury’s*Co-op, and Ocado, £2.05 at Waitrose* or £2.50 at Morrisons*. The promotional bottles look like this:

The mango and lime flavour is not included in the deal.

2) Look under the wrapper for a code (mine was on the lid) and enter it on the Nando’s website. Once you’ve entered it and a few details, you should receive a separate code by email within 24 hours.

3) Show your email code to a member of staff at any Nando’s nationwide to get your free quarter chicken or starter (excluding the sharing starters) when you spend £5.

This offer is running until Fri 31 Aug, and there are no restrictions over how many times you can claim this offer – although you can only use it when spending £5+ and dining in – so if you’re a Nando’s regular you might want to make space in your cupboard for all those sauces.

I’m a massive Nando’s fan – and have written a list of my personal Nando’s hacks too – so combining this with my tricks will net you an even bigger discount.

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Will you be enjoying some ‘free’ Nando’s chicken? Let me know in the comments below on Twitter @MSE_Deals.