How to eat for 'FREE' in the Ikea restaurant

Buying something from Ikea? If you pop into a store between now and Friday 27 July, you and everyone you're with can eat in the restaurant for 'free'.

Ikea’s brought back its popular ‘All the furniture you can eat’ deal, where you can claim back the amount you spend in the restaurant as a discount on your next Ikea store purchase. To do it, you need to buy food at the restaurant this week Mon-Fri after 5pm and keep hold of your receipt.

Then, any time until Sun 2 Sep, when you spend £60 or more at an Ikea store (make sure you’ve seen our MoneySaving Ikea Hacks guide), and show your restaurant receipt at the checkout, you’ll get the full amount you spent at the restaurant taken off.

When Ikea ran this deal in 2017, it was hugely popular – though previously, there was no minimum spend when it came to claiming your money off. So although it’s a good deal, this time round it’ll only be worth it if you’re already planning to spend £60+ at Ikea.

Who can get this deal?

Anyone is able to get the offer, and you don’t need an Ikea Family card. However, it’s only valid on food purchased in the sit-down canteen-style restaurant (not the hotdog counter or Swedish mini-supermarket), so you can’t do this at smaller ‘Order & Collection’ stores, eg, Norwich and Stratford City, which don’t have a restaurant.

Once you have a receipt, you can redeem it for a discount at any UK store or collection point until Sun 2 Sep.

How to get the most out of it

This deal works best if you know that you need to buy something from Ikea that costs £60 or more. You could then spend up to £60 in the restaurant (that’s a lot of meatballs – do eat responsibly) and effectively be getting your meal for free.

Compared to eating out a restaurant, Ikea’s food is fairly cheap anyway, with most meals costing under a fiver, so to get the most out of this you could go with a large group, and even enjoy a dessert each too.

To get your meal totally free, you need to spend more in store than in the restaurant, as you won’t get any excess back as change. Though don’t just buy something to get ‘free’ meatballs. Only spend if you were already planning a purchase anyway, and remember Martin’s Money Mantras.

Don’t forget to read our Ikea Hacks before you go to get the most out of your visit.