EXPIRED: Stream music with no ads free for 6 months

Feel like you’ve exhausted all the 30-day free music streaming trials? You might want to look at rapper Jay-Z’s music service, Tidal, which currently offers a whopping six months of free music without ads for new customers...

So even if you’ve got 99 problems, ad-free music needn’t be one of them.

You might not have heard of Tidal - in the UK, it's not as established as other ‘go to’ services such as Spotify or Amazon, but with the tempting offer of a six-month free trial it’s quickly becoming more and more popular.

IMPORTANT: When you sign up for the trial, you’re required to enter card details and once the free trial expires, you’ll be charged £9.99 every month until you cancel (but you can cancel at any time – more on this below).

What is Tidal and how is it different from Spotify etc?

Tidal is an ad-free music streaming service with over 57 million songs and 230,000 music videos. It’s an America-based company and it's co-owned by rapper Jay-Z and numerous other recording artists, including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Kanye West and Coldplay's Chris Martin.

When comparing itself to other streaming services, Tidal claims to create a more sustainable business model that better supports artists, producers and songwriters, ie, pays them a bigger share of its revenue. Tidal’s website gives the visual breakdown (it’s in US dollars as it’s the company’s American) showing how monthly fees are distributed.

How can I sign up for the six month trial?

Basically, just sign up and create an account. Though remember, when signing up, you’ll need to provide credit/debit card info and it’ll automatically enrol you to a subscription for the Premium account (£9.99 a month) once the trial is over - unless you cancel.

Luckily, it can be cancelled at any time and you are not obliged to anxiously wait around until the six months is up. Even if you cancel straight away, the free trial will carry on.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel, you need to be logged into your account. In the web player, go to the menu and select ‘Settings’, then click ‘Account’ and look for ‘Cancel’ under ‘Manage your subscription’. You'll then be asked to fill in a short survey. Once completed, Tidal will email a confirmation of your cancellation.

Your subscription should show the end date of your trial.

Here's what came up immediately after MSE Anthony cancelled his subscription:

But what else is out there?

Most streaming services offer a 30-day free trial, including Spotify, Amazon and Apple, and occasionally they'll offer longer trials for a limited time (but rarely as long as six months).

Google Play is currently offering a 90-day free trial and bizarrely, new customers who join Deezer can secure four months free by purchasing three cans of Pringles

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