Get cash for trash at charity litter picking events - EXPIRED

We're all about environmental MoneySaving at MSE including How to net a Deliveroo discount beach cleaning, Free Ren bodywash if you 'kelp' keep beaches clean and also where to pick up free hot drinks for cleaning beaches but what if you don't live near a beach? The charity Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) may have the answer, with a reverse vending-machine.

CPRE will be visiting several locations this September, with a reverse vending machine in some of the locations. When you sign up to attend one of the litter picks on the CPRE website, on the day you can claim 10p per drinks can or bottle you find and recycle through the reverse vending machine. You'll receive a voucher for the full amount, which you can exchange for cash or donate to CPRE.

Where will the reverse vending machine be?

Locations and future dates (some have already passed) include:

  • Sat 22 Sep, Telford Town Park (CPRE Shropshire)
  • Sun 23 Sep, River Sow, Stafford (CPRE Staffordshire)
  • Tue 25 Sep, Ferry Meadows (CPRE Cambridge and Peterborough)
  • Sat 29 Sep, Sheaf Walk, Sheffield (CPRE Peaks and South Yorkshire) 
  • Sun 30 Sep, Stratford (CPRE Warwickshire)

Ahead of the potential re-introduction of a bottle or can deposit scheme, CPRE is hoping to get people used to collecting bottles to boost recycling and keep the countryside clean.

It's not in my area, can I still do my own litter pick?

Of course, you don't need to attend an event to litter pick - although there are several events without the reverse vending machine listed on the CRPE website if you'd like to - and you can just pick up litter for the warm and fuzzy feeling of doing your civic duty. However, we reckon 10p a can is a pretty decent incentive to start litter picking if you've never done it before.

I do live near a beach, you mentioned free hot drinks?

We've spotted the following incentives for beach cleaners, which you may be able to get, subject to availability.

  • The Point Bar & Grill, Exmouth - Pick up a yellow bucket from the bar, fill it with litter from the beach and bring it back for staff to recycle to get a free hot drink.
  • The Stable, Newquay - Pick up a yellow bucket, fill it with litter from the beach and bring it back for staff to recycle to get a free hot drink (preferably in your own reusable cup).
  • D&G Café Deli, Westward Ho! - Ask for a yellow bucket and a picker, and get down to the beach to get a free coffee.
  • The Noisy Lobster, Bournemouth - Collect and bring in a bag of rubbish to get a free hot drink.
  • Cantina Kitchen & Bar, Paignton - Sometimes you can get vouchers for a free hot drink from Cantina for participating in organised beach cleans.

Do you litter pick or beach clean? Will you be getting involved? What do you think of a deposit scheme for bottles? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, or Facebook.