FREE Magnum vegan ice creams when you stack two coupons at Tesco

Being a vegan couponer can be a little hit-and-miss, with so many coupons out there for meat, fish or other animal products, it isn't always easy for us to save. So when a vegan coupon comes along it's exciting - but when you find TWO stackable coupons resulting in free vegan Magnums? Best. Day. Ever.

How do I get my free vegan Magnums?

Normally, the two new dairy-free flavours of Magnum - Vegan Classic or Almond - cost £3.89 for three 90ml ice creams. That's about £1.30 each. Ouch.

Currently, they're on offer in Tesco* for £2 until Mon 29 Oct, so already a saving of £1.89 - however, there's a coupon in the October edition of Tesco’s free in-store magazine for £1 off, which brings us up to a £2.89 saving.

On top of all this, there’s a manufacturer’s coupon for £1 off available from the website for Vegan in January campaign Veganuary. So in total, with the offer and if you use both coupons, that's £3.89 off. So FREE!

These are the steps you need to follow:

  • Print out a manufacturer's coupon from Veganuary.
  • Go to Tesco and pick up its free magazine for a £1 off coupon inside. 
  • Find Magnum Vegan Classic* or Almond* flavour in the freezer section of larger stores.
  • Pay for your shopping at the till and present both of your coupons.
  • Enjoy free ice cream in the car because you can't wait to get home to eat it (this step is optional)

What if it doesn't work?

While Tesco has confirmed that an in-store Tesco coupon can be combined with a manufacturer's coupon, it's possible not all Tesco employees will be aware. So there's a chance you might be told you can't use your coupons.

In the end, it's up to the individual store's manager discretion as to whether they accept any  coupon, not just these - so don't make a special trip if you wouldn't normally be visiting a Tesco store. Think of this freebie as a bonus if you get it, rather than a certainty.

Any other vegan coupons I should know about?

If you check page three of the same Tesco mag, you'll see there's quite a few coupons - including £1 off Kirsty's pizza (dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan). There's also a coupon on page 58 for a free 6-pack of Walkers Baked crisps - the plain flavour doesn't contain milk ingredients (although it's made in the same factory as the other flavours, which do). See MSE Jordon's Free Walkers crisps trick blog for more info, or our Supermarket Coupons page for more ways to save.

Will you be picking up free Magnum ice cream? Are you a vegan couponer? Let us know in the comments below on Twitter @MSE_Deals.