McDonald's MoneySaving hacks

McDonald's MoneySaving hacks

Including 20% off collection orders via the app and regular Monday deals

Many McDonald's restaurants are now back open for takeaway and delivery so we've updated our guide with current ways you can save – though I must stress, please eat responsibly.

Bear in mind that the deals mentioned here are for takeaway (including collection and drive-thru), but not for delivery – so the discounts mentioned won't apply if you're ordering through Just Eat or Uber Eats. For delivery deals and other fast food savings, see our 10 takeaway and delivery food tips.

New. 20% off collection for new and existing app users

From Wed 14 Apr, Maccie fans can get 20% off one order per day on all food and drink at McDonald's when you order via the My McDonald's app. There are no menu exclusions, but the offer is for collection only when ordering via the app. The offer ends at restaurant closing time on Tue 20 Apr – see participating restaurants. To get the discount, simply go to the 'Deals' section of the app, select the offer and place your order.

Changing Monday offers for new and existing users

McDonald's runs an ongoing weekly promotion that sees a new offer appear in the app every Monday morning, which can be redeemed up until 11.59pm the same day. Check the details, or turn notifications on, as some deals only apply during breakfast hours, for example. On Mon 12 Apr we saw save £5 off when you spend £20.

How to get the deals

As with all app deals, they're only available when you order through the app to pick up in-store. Simply go to the 'Deals' section within the app, tap the promotion you want to use, place your order and then head to your chosen McDonald's to collect it. You can order your food at anytime – McDonald's will start to prepare it when you arrive at the restaurant.

You're only able to use one promotion per order, and they can't be used with other offers and some restaurant exclusions apply. 

    • Croydon
    • Walworth Rd
    • Birmingham Dale End
    • Lincoln
    • Ashton-Under-Lyne
    • Lowestoft
    • Tonbridge - High Street
    • Rugby
    • Birkenhead
    • Falkirk
    • Praed Street
    • Llandudno
    • Highway Shadwell
    • Charlton
    • Beccles
    • Whitehall
    • Croydon Valley Park
    • Livingston 2
    • Eastbourne 2
    • Tunbridge Wells 2
    • Croydon 3 Centrale
    • West One Shopping Centre
    • Wimbledon Centre Court
    • Bracknell - The Keep
    • Chelmsford 2 Riverside
    • Greenhithe-The Railway Tavern
    • Victoria Station
    • Kings Cross - Ex Wendy's
    • Shaftesbury Avenue 2
    • Manchester - Arndale Food Chain
    • Waterloo Station
    • Earlswood
    • Asda Bournemouth
    • Asda Swindon
    • Asda Wallington
    • Wandsworth
    • Asda Slough
    • Norwich - Chapelfields
    • Paddington Station
    • Westfield Stratford City

£2.50 off a ‘McChicken Sandwich’

You can save £2.50 on a McDonald’s chicken burger by ditching the £3.49 McChicken Sandwich in favour of a 99p Mayo Chicken. Be aware that prices can vary slightly by location.

If you just wanted a chicken burger, they both do the same job. Here's a comparison:

As you can see, I'll never get a job taking McDonald's publicity photos. 99p Mayo Chicken on the left, £3.19 McChicken Sandwich on the right.

Okay, the Mayo Chicken's a tad lighter – the one I tested weighed 25% less overall – but as it’s the same ingredients (chicken, lettuce and mayo in a bun), and a massive 70% cheaper, it’s surely worth a try.

You could technically eat three of the Mayo Chicken and still pay less than for one McChicken Sandwich. Though I wouldn’t recommend it.

Big Mac and fries for £1.99 every time

At the top of most McDonald’s receipts, there’s a ‘Food for Thoughts’ code. Go online and fill in quick a survey to receive a second code, which you can then exchange in the restaurant for a £1.99 Big Mac and fries (normally £4ish). The best part? You can use your receipt from this purchase to do the survey again, and repeat as many times as you like. For full details, see £1.99 Big Mac & fries every time blog.

We've asked McDonald's if the codes are available on receipts from mobile orders and we'll update here once we know.

£1.90 off a DIY ‘Big Mac’

Instead of ordering a £3.49 Big Mac, save £1.90 by creating this MoneySaving version.

To do it, order a Double Cheeseburger for £1.59, and add the following free extras to have the ingredients of a Big Mac: 'extra' onions and pickles, plus shredded lettuce. The add-ons won’t cost extra, so although you might miss that iconic middle tier of bread and Big Mac sauce, I reckon the 55% saving you can make every time is worth it.

McDonald's no longer sells Big Mac sauce for 50p, but mustard and mayonnaise can be a nice alternative. Be aware that prices can vary slightly by location.

Get FREE extra toppings

On the self-order screens, or the McDonald’s app, you can add extra ketchup, mustard, onion, pickles, mayonnaise and/or shredded lettuce for free to any burger. If there's already one of those ingredients in the burger, you get double the amount, or if it’s not normally in there – it’s added in for you. You can also pay 20p for extra cheese or 40p for bacon.

Dodge the ‘sugar tax’ on drinks

There’s a tax on some fizzy drinks (see our ‘Sugar tax’ news story), but only one drink at McDonald’s is affected. If you choose original Coca-Cola (not Diet or Zero), it’ll cost you an extra 8p for a small, 12p more for medium or 14p more for a large. You can easily avoid the tax by ordering any other drink off the menu.

The 'sugar-taxed' prices of Coca-Cola (other drinks are 89p, 99p and £1.39). 

£1.99 less for eight EXTRA chicken nuggets

Pick up two boxes of six Chicken McNuggets (£3.49 each) and you’re paying £6.98 for a respectable 12 chicken nuggets. However, if you switch these for a single £4.99 McNuggets ShareBox of 20 nuggets, you can get an extra eight nuggets and pay £1.99 less.

If your family or the group you're with want two or more McNugget meals, ordering the ShareBox and fries/drinks separately gets you more for less too. Prices can vary slightly by location.

Say ‘NO’ to ice and 'YES' to 20% more drink?

Unless you specifically ask for ‘no ice’, it generally comes as standard in McDonald’s fizzy drinks. Watch my video below to see how ordering without ice, not only at McDonald’s but other chains too, can bag you 20% more drink for your money:

Buy six hot drinks, get one free

Possibly the most tried-and-tested tip in this list is the long-running loyalty scheme, where you collect stickers with each hot drink you buy to claim a free seventh cup. Keep them safe in your wallet and when ready, exchange your six stickers for a freebie at the till.

Sadly, McDonald's has confirmed it will be scrapping its long-running McCafe loyalty scheme at the end of June. For full info, see our McDonald’s to axe 'free hot drink' stickers on cups news story.

Use the peel-away card on the side of the cup to keep stickers safe in your wallet.

DOUBLE your free hot drinks (via app)

As well as physical stickers, you can also collect virtual stickers in the form of points on the official McDonald’s app. It works the same way, where you get a virtual sticker for each drink you buy – but when collecting your coffee you’ll still get the actual sticker on your cup.

So by the time you’ve bought six coffees, you’ll now have TWO freebies to claim.

Students get a ‘free’ burger or McFlurry

If you’ve got a valid student ID or signed up to Student Beans, you can claim either a free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry. To get it, you'll need to order an Extra Value Meal from the menu and show your student ID at the till. So not a total freebie, but a nice bonus if you can get it.

The offer's available after 10.30am, except in selected restaurants in the south of England which offer if from 11am. It's one person, per visit and can't be used with other offers.

Do you have a favourite McDonald’s hack? Share your best MoneySaving nuggets in the comments below or on Twitter.