How to bag free PG Tips ‘Perfect with Dairy-free’ tea by stacking TWO coupons

MSE Update, 1pm Tue 29 Jan: The coupon from Veganuary has now ended.

Guess what’s back, back again, coupon stack, tell a friend…

Until Tue 29 Jan (or until all the coupons run out – go quick!) you can pick up a 70-pack of PG Tips ‘Perfect with Dairy-free’ tea bags and not pay a penny, by stacking two coupons with a Tesco in-store offer. See below for what to look out for:

Here's how to do it

First print out a manufacturer's £1 off coupon from the Veganuary website (when we checked on Mon 21 Jan, there were 2,000 available), then head to your local Tesco and pick up its free in-store magazine (while they last), which also has a £1 off coupon for the tea bags inside.

The 203g box of vegan-friendly PG Tips Perfect with Dairy-free is normally up to £2.60, depending on where you buy it. Yet currently, they're on offer in Tesco* for £2 until Tue 29 Jan, so if you can locate the tea bags and present the two £1 off coupons at the Tesco checkout, your total to pay should be £0.00 (see image below for my receipt).

In case you’re wondering what’s special about these tea bags, they apparently contain a different blend of tea that ‘tastes better’ with dairy-free milk, but tea is tea… and free is free!

Speaking of free tea, check out our free tea and coffee page to keep you going on the go, and be sure to bring your reusable cup to Get up to 50p off most Pret, Starbucks, and Costa drinks every time.

What if it doesn't work?

Unfortunately, I can’t promise this will work for everyone. Firstly, there are only 2,000 of manufacturer’s coupon and it’s first-come, first-served. Secondly, there’s a chance you won’t find the in-store magazine at your local Tesco, and thirdly, it may not have the tea bags in stock.

In addition, while Tesco has confirmed that an in-store Tesco coupon can be combined with a manufacturer's coupon, it's possible not all Tesco employees will be aware. So there's a chance you might be told you can't use your coupons. In the end, it's up to the individual store's manager discretion as to whether they accept any coupon, not just these.

So don't make a special trip if you wouldn't normally be visiting a Tesco store. Think of this freebie as a bonus if you get it, rather than a certainty. Though of course, even if you don’t have both coupons, you may still be able to get the tea bags for £1 if you manage to get one of them.

Any other vegan-friendly coupons I should know about?

If you check page three of the same Tesco mag, you'll see there are quite a few coupons - including 70p off Kirsty's frozen meals (one is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan), 50p off Innocent dairy-free milk (that’d go nicely with this tea!), and 65p off Sacla free-from pesto (please don’t put that in your tea). There are also a few more coupons on the Veganuary website. See our Supermarket Coupons page for more ways to save.

If you’re looking to save money dining out in restaurants with vegan options, check out my blog on Vegan-friendly restaurant deals for Veganuary.

Will you be picking up free PG Tips Perfect with Dairy-free? Are you a vegan couponer? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter @MSE_Deals or on Facebook.