Cheap Easter veg offers - incl 1kg of carrots from 9p

If you've got lots of Easter bunnies to feed, you'll need to stock up on vegetables as well as chocolate. S'wede better tell you how to get the best deals...

Supermarket veg price wars

Supermarkets really want your custom this Easter, so even if you don’t carrot all, they've been pumping out deals hopping you'll end up doing the rest of your shopping there too (that’s up to you, of course).

See our full list of cheap veg deals for more info about what's available at each supermarket, but we’ve dug up some of the best the Easter price war has to offer below:

Aldi - from 19p each

  • 19p carrots (1kg) - next cheapest we found, 20p at Asda. There's a trick to get them for 9p, see below.
  • 19p parsnips (500g) - next cheapest we found, 20p at Asda.
  • 29p spring onions (per bunch) - next cheapest we found, 45p at Asda.
  • 29p potatoes (2.5kg) - next cheapest we found, 29p for 1.5kg at Lidl.
  • 59p baby plum tomatoes (275g) - next cheapest we found, 68p for 250g at Lidl.
  • 59p cauliflower (each) - next cheapest we found, 95p at Lidl.

Asda - from 20p each

Lidl - 29p each

  • 29p shallots (500g) - next cheapest we found, £1 for 400g at Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Morrisons - any 3 for £1 (equiv 33p each, in store only)

  • Leeks, 500g - next cheapest we found, 95p at Lidl.
  • Broccoli, each - next cheapest we found, 58p at Asda.

Trick to get 1kg of carrots for 9p

If you're a new or existing Topcashback* member, buy 1kg of carrots from Aldi and upload your receipt to its Snap n Save* webpage or app. You should get 10p back until Wednesday 24th April. If you live closer to an Asda, where the carrots cost 1p more, upload your receipt and you'll have only paid 10p after cashback.

Whilst cashback isn't ever guaranteed, if you buy your carrots from Aldi anyway you'll still have the cheepest this Easter.

You'll be able to get 10p back on any 1kg bag of pre-packaged carrots from most supermarkets, so even if you can’t easily get to an Aldi or Asda, you'll still be able to save. See our Easter page for more deals, including how to get a 'free' £1.50 Easter egg via cashback.

Will they be even cheaper after Easter?

These are good deals if you're looking to stock up before Easter, but previously we've seen supermarkets overstock and offer veg for as little as 5p or even free after big dates like Christmas and Easter - so it might be worth looking next week, too.

What about the plastic?

Most of these vegetables are packaged in plastic that isn't widely recycled, but it's worth asking at your local supermarket if they'll take it back from you to be recycled with their plastic bags. Some stores, eg, Tesco, have been known to do this.

You could also do your bit to cut food waste by checking in your local area for charities that’ll rescue excess veg - most offer it on a pay-what-you-can basis to people in need, or use it in their café.

Are you going to pick up cheep veg this Easter? Lettuce know in the comments below, on Twitter, or Facebook.