Cheap post-Easter chocs, eg, 16p Creme Eggs, £1.50 large Mars egg – can you find ’em?

Easter and the four-day weekend is over, but you can cheer yourself up with some cracking deals on Easter chocolate as many retailers have now slashed prices to flog off any unsold Easter stock. The MSE Deals team has spotted 16p Creme Eggs at Lidl, £1.50 large Mars eggs at Asda and more tasty treats.

Stock of these goodies varies per store, but everything we found had best-before dates ranging from June 2019-January 2020, so if you’re not bothered by Easter branding, it might be worth making a trip down to your local supermarket to see what treasures you can find. When it’s gone, it’s gone though, so go quick if you want to stock up.

What we found in stores

It’s worth noting that if our past experience is anything to go by, it’s likely any remaining goods will be reduced even further later this week, though nothing is guaranteed.

While a nationwide trend, we’re basing our examples below on the supermarkets our four-strong team of Easter bargain hunters visited in one morning around London, Milton Keynes and Fareham on Tue 23 Apr:

Asda (find your nearest*)

  • Mini Eggs – 50p (was £1)
  • Orange Smarties – 50p (was £1)
  • Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted (80g) – 75p (was £1)
  • Large Easter eggs incl Creme Egg/Twirl/Wispa//Mars – £1.50 each (were £3)
  • Ferrero Rocher large egg - £4 (was £8)
  • Asda ‘Extra Special’ Belgian chocolate egg - £2 (was £5)

Aldi (find your nearest)

  • Maltesers Mini Bunnies – 49p (was 99p)
  • Galaxy Golden Eggs – 49p (was 99p)
  • Aldi Choceur Eggjoyables – 99p (was £1.49)
  • Maltesers large egg - £1.49 (was £2.49)

Lidl (find your nearest)

  • Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted – 49p (was 99p)
  • Cadbury Creme Egg 5-pack – 82p (was £1.65)
  • Lidl Dip eggs with spoon – 84p (was £1.69)
  • Lidl Golden sculpture egg - £6.49 (was £12.99)

Sainsbury’s (find your nearest*)

  • Small Easter eggs incl Disney/Milkybar – 50p (were £1)
  • Medium Easter eggs incl Freddo/Maltesers – 62p (were £1.25)
  • Large Easter eggs incl Oreo/Galaxy/Maltesers - £3 (were £4)
  • Galaxy giant egg (526g) - £5 (was £10)

Tesco (find your nearest*)

  • Cadbury mini Dairy Milk eggs – 50p (was £1)
  • Small Easter eggs incl Dairy Milk/Milkybar – 50p (were £1)
  • Medium Easter eggs incl Smarties/Aero/KitKat – 75p (were £1.50)
  • KitKat egg, bars and mug set - £2 (was £4)
  • Extra large Easter eggs incl Mars/Galaxy - £3 (were £6)
  • Lindt Lindor egg and truffles - £4 (was £8)

Deals to get online

If you’re after posh chocolate, there are some end-of-season sales at retailers such as Hotel Chocolat and John Lewis. Just be sure to factor in the delivery cost.

Hotel Chocolat

  • Soft boiled Easter Egg – £7 (was £10)
  • Hard boiled Easter Egg brownie – £10.50 (was £15)


  • Milk chocolate bunny model (200g) – £3 (was £7)
  • Milk chocolate Easter egg (265g) – £3 (was £7)

If you decide to sink your teeth into some cheap Easter goodies, I hope you can get a sweet deal with these reductions.

Have you found any cheap Easter eggs? I’d love to know what you have seen in the comments below, on Twitter @MSE_Deals or on Facebook.