Trick to get £45 of No7 beauty products for £10 in Boots stores

Or shop online and get £37 of No7 for £12

Here's a trick to bag £45-worth of Boots No7 beauty products for £10 by combining a 'free gift' offer with a coupon in store. Though if you'd rather shop online, don't worry – there's a slightly lesser trick further down where I explain how you can grab £37-worth of No7 for £12 instead.

MSE Update Tue 20 Aug: While both the coupon and offer are due to last till next week, as this has been very popular some stores may have sold out - so you may want to check stock before making a trip.

£45 of products for £10 - follow these steps in store:

  1. Pick up a coupon in store. You'll get a '£10 off £20 spend' coupon valid on No7 beauty products until 1 Sep with any purchase. This also includes picking up the Boots magazine, which is free if you've an Advantage card, which itself is free to get. The magazine is £1 without the card, but if you can't find the mag Boots says everyone who shops in store this month will get the coupon along with their receipt - no matter how little they spend. So you could pick up a stick of gum and still receive it, but it'd add to your total spend. The coupon isn't inside the magazine, it's given separately when you take the magazine or other purchase to the till.

  2. Choose £20-worth of No7 products. Be sure to include at least two from the selection of No7 products* in the current 'free gift' offer, where you get a free £25 palette (below) when you buy two or more eligible items. The cheapest combo I found to hit the £20 spend for the coupon is a £6 nail polish plus two £7 eyeshadows.

  3. Grab £25 of free No7 make-up. After following the steps above, locate and pick up your 'free gift' from the shelves in store. It's the 'Maple Glow' palette* and it's available 'free' until Tue 27 Aug, but only while stocks last. The palette includes four eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blusher and two highlighters. If there are none left, it's worth asking staff if there'll soon be more - or you may need to check another store. 

Do all that and with £10 off your £20 spend, plus the £25 freebie, you’ve bagged £45 of stuff for £10.

OR shop online and get £37 of No7 for £12 online

While you can only use the coupon in stores – so you can’t make the full saving online – you can still get a decent £37-worth of No7 beauty products simply by claiming the £25 ‘free gift’ on a £12 spend (two nail polishes as above). Delivery's £3.50, or you can click & collect in store for free.

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