£3 prosecco, £7ish champagne via Tesco online 'glitch' - but will it work for you? - EXPIRED

Minimum six bottles, usually £6 or £14 each

It's been two years since we last saw a decent prosecco or champagne deals stack (where you combine multiple offers to save the most money). Yet finally, there's a new trick in town just in time for Christmas party season - great if you’re stocking up. Though I can’t guarantee it’ll work for everyone…

Until Wed 18 Dec, newbies to Tesco* online shopping can try and combine two separate offers to bag prosecco for £3/bottle. The first offer is dead simple – 25% off when you buy six or more bottles*, excluding Scotland – but it's with the second offer where things get a little bit more tricky.

Tesco currently has an online discount code XXHTFL which, if you’re a new customer, you can use to get £25 off when you spend £70 or more* (must have your order delivered/collected before 11.59pm on Wed 18 Dec). While this technically isn’t meant to work on alcohol products, MoneySavers have told us it worked for them.

So while we couldn’t resist sharing it, we’re calling it a ‘glitch’ as it could be a mistake Tesco eventually puts right – meaning the deal could be pulled at any time without notice. So there's no guarantee you'll get the full amount of prosecco or champagne. The official T&Cs on Tesco’s website state the offer:

“Excludes purchases at any cafe, tobacco kiosks, fuel, lottery products, Tesco or branded gift cards, e-top ups, opticians ... postage stamps, prescription medicines, infant milk formulae, alcohol...”

In plain speak, you shouldn't be able to order £70 of alcohol and get £25 off - yet we’re hearing plenty of reports from people who’ve successfully done it. Basically, you need to weigh up whether it’s worth a try anyway, and prepare yourself for disappointment if it doesn’t work for you.

If you’re worried it sounds risky, there’s a ‘play it safe’ method lower down this page that’ll help you make a smaller but more guaranteed saving. First let's break it down for those who want to attempt the glitch.

How do I try the glitch?

WARNING: Tesco could refuse to honour it, so none of the below is guaranteed. Make sure you untick the box for ‘allow substitutions’ when you order, as that way if the glitch doesn't work you won't get hit with a bigger bill for items you don't want. If your delivery arrives, make sure you check what you’ve received. If you do get substitutions, you can choose to accept them or send them straight back with the driver.

Here are the steps you'll need to follow (remember you must be new to Tesco):

  1. Go to the Tesco* website and sign up online as a new customer.
  2. Once logged in, find the wine/champagne in the 25% off six bottles offer you want to buy.
  3. Add at least £70 of shopping to the basket, eg, 16 bottles of £6 prosecco.
  4. Find a delivery or collection time that works for you/or is the cheapest (on/before 18 Dec).
  5. Add the code XXHTFL at the checkout to get £25 off.
  6. Check the total to be sure it's worked, and if it has, pay.
  7. Check the total again and see what you’ve got when you collect/receive your delivery.

If the glitch works for you, and you're able to buy 16 bottles of the £6 prosecco (with no regular groceries), you’d pay the equivalent of £3/bottle as your initial total of £96 would be reduced to £72 via the 25% discount, then further reduced to £47 using the code.

I picked out the prosecco in my example above, as it’s a popular and fairly MoneySaving choice for Christmas bubbly, but the discount’s also on wine and champagne so you could potentially get champers for £7.43 per bottle (norm £14) using the same glitchy method.

Or play it ‘safe’ for a smaller but more guaranteed saving - eg, £4.50 prosecco, £10.50 champagne

If you’re worried the glitch may not work for you, or you aren’t a new Tesco customer so can’t use the code, you can still bag the 25% discount on six bottles* of wine or champagne for delivery until Wed 18 Dec. It’ll be applied for you automatically at the checkout.

That means you can buy:

·        Six bottles of Bella Cucina Prosecco Frizzante* for £27 (£4.50/bottle)

·        Six bottles of Bella Cucina Prosecco* for £28.08 (£4.68/bottle)

·        Six bottles of Dino Prosecco Doc* for £29.22 (£4.87/bottle)

·        Six bottles of I Heart Prosecco* for £29.22 (£4.87/bottle)

·        Six bottles of Andre Carpentier Champagne non-vintage* for £63 (£10.50/bottle)

·        Six bottles of Louis Delaunay Champagne Brut non-vintage* for £63 (£10.50/bottle)

Delivery online is £1-£7 (or from free if you collect in a store). When I checked my store, I was offered delivery from £2-£7 or collection from £0-£2 but price and availability may vary where you are.

I’m calling this one ‘safe’ as it’s a deal that everyone should be able to get, subject to stock - glitch or no glitch - and you can also get it in stores. Unfortunately, Scotland is excluded from the six bottles promo due to its licensing laws which are different from those elsewhere in the UK. Please be Drinkaware.

Will you be using these offers to stock up on Christmas drinks? Let me know if the glitch works for you in the comments below, or on Twitter.