Online supermarket shopping codes - best offers this week

Plus up to £8 cashback for new customers

If you're looking at getting your shopping in online, there are a few codes out there this week which can be used to bag 'freebies' or money off at Sainsbury's and Tesco, plus there's cashback at other major supermarkets.

Of course, there's a lot of demand for online shopping right now, so you may only want to do an order if you really need it - but if you’re going to do an online shop anyway, I've compiled a list of the best online codes I've found this week, which will hopefully help you out.


Codes in the table below are available for shops delivered by Tuesday 24 March, but the offers will expire sooner if all the codes are used. Sainsbury's 'freebie' codes like this one are only valid once per account, though multiple different codes can be used on the same delivery. 

Note: In order to use these codes, you'll need to have met the minimum order of £25 for delivery (which costs £9 max for orders under £40, £1-£7 for orders £40+).

Product Offer Code
Diet Coke lime, 2L* Free (£1.50 off, 8,000 avail) FREEDIETLIM
Moma oat drink, 1L* Free (£1.50 off, 6,000 avail) FREEMOMAOATMILK
Elizabeth Shaw raisin & hazelnut biscuits, 140g* Free (£1.25 off, 10,000 avail) BICS4MUM
Organix Melty Veggie sticks 15g & Puffs 20g Range* Free (50p off, 7,000 avail) FREEORGANX

Unfortunately, Sainsbury's has suspended the usual £18 off a £60 shop for new members, and cashback isn't currently available.


I found the codes in the table below in the March edition of the free Tesco magazine which can be used online. They're valid until Sunday 29 March.

Note: In order to use these codes, you'll need to have met the minimum order of £40 for delivery (for orders under £40, a £4 charge will be added in addition to delivery charges, which are normally £1-£7 for orders £40+).

Product Offer Code
Loctite Extreme Glue, 50g £1.50 off GRJL4F
Philadelphia Jalapeno, 170g 50p off GRFP4T
Mr Kipling or Cadbury baking mixes, 265g, 350g, or 400g or 400g icing. 65p off GRM7KT

New Tesco online customer? You could get up to £8 cashback

There currently isn't a new customer offer direct from Tesco, however if you're a new online customer you can go via Topcashback* to get £8 cashback on a £50+ shop, or £6 cashback on a £45+ shop. If you prefer Quidco, you can get £6.50 back on a £45+ shop.

Any other new customer offers?

Supermarket Min spend for delivery? Offer
Iceland £25 min order, £2 delivery charge (free with orders over £35), flat 40p carrier bag charge 3% cashback at Topcashback* or Quidco
Morrisons £40 min order, £1.50-£5 delivery charge, flat 40p carrier bag charge £4.64 cashback at Topcashback* or £4.60 at Quidco
Waitrose £80, delivery's free (but website is down when I checked on Tue 17 Mar) £10 off your first shop, plus £5 cashback at Quidco

It's worth noting that the Waitrose website was down when I checked on Tuesday 17 March, so you may not be able to order online via Waitrose unless you wait. The Ocado website is also down, and is currently not accepting new orders, with queues of up to two hours to edit existing orders.

If you're looking for alternatives to the main supermarkets but still want cashback, it's worth checking the supermarkets tab on Topcashback* and Quidco - but do check they're still accepting orders.

Are you shopping online more? Will you be trying online codes to save money over in-store coupons? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter.