ALL GONE: 33-piece cruelty-free make-up bundle for £34 delivered (£200ish bought separately) – incl beauty dupes for Urban Decay, Tarte, Ciaté & more

New Lottie London set incl lip glosses, highlighter, eyeshadow palettes etc

MSE Update, 4.08pm on Wed 1 July: This set has proven very popular after we included it in the MSE weekly email and all 6,000 sets have now sold out.

Last month, we featured a deal that saved you over 70% by switching from big make-up brands to Lottie London, and it was very popular, selling out in just a few hours. As some MoneySavers missed out, we've Blagged a deal on another set. Read on especially if you're a fan of Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette, Tarte blusher, Anastasia Beverly Hills eye pencils or Ciaté lip colours...

I've previously written about beauty dupes for popular make-up brands – these are lookalike products with similar (though likely not the same) ingredients where it’s often hard to tell the difference – see my Beauty Downshift Challenge and Shampoo & Shower Gel Downshift Challenge.

What's the deal?

This mega make-up set of 33 items we've blagged from Lottie London* including lip glosses, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow palette etc, contains eight dupes for popular products, as well as other items.

You can get it for £33.94 delivered (£29.99 plus £3.95 delivery) when you enter the code SUMMER at the checkout.

An initial 3,000 sets were made available at 9pm on Tue 30 June, and then a further 3,000 were added from 10am on Wed 1 July. The offer will end at 11.59pm on Wed 8 July or when all sets have gone.

It's £188 without the code, but would normally cost £200ish if you bought all the products separately. If you were to buy the branded dupes for some of the products, it'd set you back over £370, so you could save a Lottie with this deal if you're willing to downshift.

Here's an image of the full set. You'll get a Lottie of make-up, but some shades could be different to what you see here, as explained below

We've seen positive reviews about Lottie London dupes from MoneySavers and bloggers including...

It's just as good quality, why pay just for the name?

- Danielle H

I've found Lottie London to be just as effective as my old favourites.

- Evelyn

Their collection is influenced by current Instagram trends and includes a number of ABH and Kylie Cosmetics dupes without the designer price tags. When comparing it to the other palettes in my collection it definitely outperforms bigger brands.

- Lifestyle blogger Roxie Watt

What's in the set?

There are 16 new items in this set compared to our previous blagged deal. New dupes in this set are the Shadow Swatch Urban Decay Naked Heat-alike eyeshadow palette and the Arch Rival brow artist Anastasia Beverly Hills-alike eye pencil, and some shades of lip gloss.

Important: The shades for three items will differ between sets. As it's a surprise lucky dip you won't get to choose which you'll get. Shades that will differ are:

  • X Thuy Le Glitter Switch will be in 'Ravenous' OR 'Extra AF'
  • Slay All Day liquid lip liners will be six different shades (two will be a lucky dip)
  • Shadow Swatch eyeshadow palette will be in 'The Rusts' OR 'The Nudes'

In the table below I've listed the items in the set, plus the branded product readers and beauty gurus alike have said they think is similar to the Lottie London versions. Remember, as with all new make-up, if you have any allergies it's worth checking the ingredients on the Lottie London site before buying to be sure it's suitable for you.

All products in this Lottie London set are cruelty free and vegan-friendly, too.

Lottie London products

Similar branded product

Glitter Switch lip gloss in 'High Roller', 'Dream On', and 'Killin' It' - norm £6.95 from Lookfantastic, or £2 from Superdrug for 'Killin' It' only. Ciaté Glitter Flip lipstick - norm £17 from Lookfantastic.
X Thuy Le Glitter Switch lip gloss in 'Ravenous' OR 'Extra AF' - norm £6.95 from Lookfantastic, Ciaté Glitter Flip lipstick - norm £17 from Lookfantastic.
Slay All Day metallic liquid lipstick in 'Lit', 'Glow Up', 'Shook' and 'Boy Bye' - norm £6.10 from Perfume Click. Kylie Cosmetics metal lip kit (with liner) - norm $16.80 (£14ish) from Kylie Cosmetics.
Slay All Day liquid matte lipstick in 'Queen', 'Vibes', 'Fleek', 'Hey Bae', 'Low Key', 'Obsessed', 'Slay it', 'Fleek' and 'Yaas' - norm £5.95 from Lottie London. Kylie Cosmetics matte lip kit (with liner below) - norm $29 (£23ish) from Kylie Cosmetics.
Slay All Day liquid lip liner in 'TBT', 'Squad', 'Fleek' and 'Hey Bae', with two lucky dip shades, either 'Vibes', 'Werk It', 'Girl Pwr' OR 'Hun' - norm £5.95 from Lookfantastic. Kylie Cosmetics matte lip kit (with lipstick above) - norm $29 (£23ish) from Kylie Cosmetics.
#HOLO lip gloss in 'Goals', 'Shade' and 'Iconic' - norm £5.95 from Lookfantastic. N/A
B.A.E. primer - norm £7.75 from Lookfantastic or Lottie London. N/A
Shadow Swatch eyeshadow palette in 'The Rusts' OR 'The Nudes' - norm £9.95 from Lookfantastic. Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette - norm £43 from Lookfantastic.('The Nudes' is more like the original Naked palette, now no longer available)
Arch Rival volume eyebrow powder in 'Medium' - norm £6.45 from Lookfantastic. N/A
Arch Rival brow artist retractable eyebrow pencil in 'Light Brown' - norm £5.45 from Lookfantastic. Anastasia Beverly Hills Wiz eyeliner - norm £23 from Lookfantastic
AM to PM eyeliner pencil in 'Mermaid' and 'Velvet' - norm £3.95 from Lookfantastic. Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner - norm £16 from Lookfantastic.
Rainbow highlighter in 'Mermaid Glow' - norm £5.95 from Lookfantastic. Ciaté highlighter in 'Mermaid Glow' - norm £19.50 from Lookfantastic.
Blush Crush blusher in 'Justin' - norm £4.95 from Lottie London Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in 'Natural Beauty' - norm £22 from Tarte.

Some colours in the set (see table above) might be more similar to branded colours, and some might be slightly different, but as you can see from the images below – there are quite a few which are spot on.

Which would you choose? £17 Ciaté (left) or £7 Lottie London (right) ?
Urban Decay Naked Heat (top) for £43, or Lottie London 'The Rusts' (bottom) for £10?

Do you love a good beauty dupe? Are you tempted to try this set? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter.