SOLD OUT: £50ish of men's grooming products for £20

10 items including moisturiser, hair wax and beard oil

MSE Update, 10.10am on Wed 12 Aug: This offer has been extremely popular and all grooming boxes are now sold out. We've left the below for reference.

If you go online to beauty and skincare retailer Latest in Beauty, you can get its 'Ultimate Men's Grooming Box' for £20 delivered, when you enter the MSE Blagged code LIBMEN20 at the checkout. 

Latest in Beauty usually sells the set for £26, plus £3.95 delivery. By our calculations, the box is filled with products that would cost £52.65 in total if bought separately from the cheapest retailers, including items from Yardley London, Lab Series, House 99, and Fudge (see calculations below). 

The offer will end at 11.59pm on Mon 31 Aug, or when all 650 available boxes have sold, whichever's sooner.

What's in the box?

The set has 10 products inside, four of which are full-sized, including moisturiser, hair wax and beard oil – see below for what's included

  • Take a peek at what's inside

    Hawkins & Brimble facial scrub (full-size)
    Hawkins & Brimble energising eye cream (full-size)
    Seven Potions pre-shave oil (full-size)
    House 99 soothing body and hair wash
    Lab Series oil control daily moisturiser
    Lab Series future rescue repair serum
    Fudge Pro 'Styling by Fudge Hair' shaper
    Fudge Urban 'matte up' matte wax (full-size)
    Yardley London 'gentleman urbane' perfume
    Hawkins & Brimble shaving cream & beard oil
  • How much the contents would cost bought individually

    Cheapest price bought individually
    Hawkins & Brimble facial scrub, 125ml (full-size) £6.27 at Lookfantastic
    Hawkins & Brimble energising eye cream, 20ml (full-size)
    £11.87 at Lookfantastic
    Seven Potions pre-shave oil pure equilibrium, 30ml (full-size) £14.97 at Seven Potions and Amazon
    House 99 'soften up' soothing body and hair wash, 40ml Similar £2.92 (based on 150ml full-sized version for £10.95) at
    Lab Series oil control daily moisturiser, 7ml £3.09 (based on 50ml full-sized version for £22.13) at Lookfantastic
    Lab Series 'future rescue' repair serum, 7ml £2.84 (based on 50ml full-sized version for £20.26) at Amazon
    Fudge Pro styling by Fudge Hair shaper, 25g £2.66 (based on 75g full-sized version for £7.99) at
    Fudge Urban matte wax, 70g (full-size) £5 at Superdrug and Amazon
    Yardley London 'gentleman urbane' compact perfume, 18ml £2.36 (based on 100ml full-sized version for £13.09) at chemist4u
    Hawkins & Brimble shaving cream and beard oil duo, 2 x 3ml 67p (based on 100ml and 50ml full-sized versions for £8.29 and £6.97) at healthpharm and Lookfantastic
    Total £52.65
     Prices checked on Thu 6 Aug. Delivery costs not included.

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