£68ish of No7 make-up for £24

This year's No7 Cosmetics Star Gift from Boots contains £68ish of No7 beauty and skincare products for £24, packaged in a reusable vanity case – see the full contents below.

Update at 12.40pm on 12 Nov: Stock went for a short while but has now been replenished – the set is available again online.

🧼 Looking for the Soap & Glory offer instead? See £78ish of Soap & Glory products for £27. 🛀

The launch of the Boots* No7 Cosmetics Star Gift is a highly anticipated pre-Christmas event, and this year's offering is 'The Ultimate Vanity Case' Christmas gift set for £24 (was £50). The set will be reduced until Tue 17 Nov, or while stock lasts.

While the set costs £24, we've calculated that it's worth £67.62 based on the cost of the contents if bought individually, or about £77 if you include the case itself.

Delivery's £3.50, or free if you're spending £30 or more.

What's in the box?

The set has seven products – five full size and two minis – including make-up and skincare (see below for what's included).

Boots says there are good levels of stock but it is limited to a certain number (Boots couldn't disclose the exact quantity), so don't leave it too late if you're keen.

  • Take a peek at what's inside

    The Full 360 mascara
    Shimmer face/cheek palette
    Skin Illuminator
    Stay Perfect Trio eyeshadow palette
    Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes pencil
    High Shine lip gloss
    High Shine lip gloss
  • How much the contents would cost individually

    Price if bought individually
    The Full 360 mascara (black), 7ml £14
    Shimmer  face/cheek palette (rose), 10g
    Skin Illuminator (nude), 30ml
    Stay Perfect Trio eyeshadow palette (warm nudes), 3g £10
    Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes pencil (black), 1.2g £7.50
    High Shine lip gloss (pink latte), 4.5ml £5.06
    High Shine lip gloss (pink hydrangea), 4.5ml £5.06
    Reusable vanity case £10
    Total £77.62
     Prices on Fri 30 Oct. Delivery costs not included. Lip gloss price calculated as fraction of full-size 8g version. Vanity case not available separately so price is estimated based on other Boots cases

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