Get branded cereal for 30p a box by stacking £1.50 coupon with supermarket offer

Or get 75p a box by stacking coupons and cashback

It's been a while since couponers have seen a high-value new coupon, or a coupon stack, and it's been a while since any outlet offered a choice between a physical coupon or cashback. With the pandemic forcing more people to shop online, could this be a new trend for retailers, and is this coupon worth it? Can you stack it with other deals? Read on to find out.

In September 2018 I wrote a blog that asked Is couponing kaput? Have printed coupons been replaced by cashback apps? which charted the 'downfall' of coupons from their 2014/15 heyday where we all had garages full of free tins of tomatoes from Tesco (free when combining a 50p off coupon from its magazine and an offer).

As any couponer knows, the availability of coupons ebbs and flows, but we've been in an ebb for a while now, and the pandemic looks like it might have put paid to the use of not only cash, but physical coupons, too, as far fewer have been released this year than in previous years.

It's for these reasons that any new coupon is exciting, but this particular new coupon is interesting in another way - it offers you the choice of printing out a physical coupon to use to shop in store should you wish, OR the option of cashback.

Cashback has been the only way for people like me who have switched to online shopping during the pandemic to save money on our food shop, so it's a welcome addition - could it be the new standard of brands offering coupons? I list both high-value cashback and printable coupons on our Supermarket Coupons page.

What is the coupon?

We don't currently have any deals.

Claim cashback up to 10x, or print more than one coupon

What's unusual about this coupon isn't just that it's being offered as a printable coupon or cashback, but that you can claim the cashback up to 10 times per household. Also, as the coupon is a printable image, as long as the offer is still valid you can print more than one, and use the offer more than once - something we've not seen for a while.

How to max this offer: Stack with in-store offers, plus get an extra £1 off via cashback stack

As you can only use the coupon/cashback in Tesco, Sainsbury's or Co-op stores you'll need to check if the wholegreain cereal, eg, Shredded Wheat, is available in your chosen shop (or online). As you can use the coupon on any sized box, you'll also be able to choose which you purchase – good if there's an offer on a particular size.

If you're using the physical coupon, you're unlikely to be able to combine this deal with £1 cashback available separately via Shopmium due to its T&Cs which state you cannot use it in conjunction with a coupon. However, if you choose online cashback there's no reason why you can't send an image of the same receipt for both cashback offers as they're run separately. As the Shopmium offer for £1 off 24 Shredded Wheat biscuits is only valid at Sainsbury's, you can't stack it with the above coupon offer if you buy it elsewhere.

How to get Shreddies for 30p a box, or Cheerios and Shreddies for 28p a box

Product Cheapest Tesco price Cheapest Sainsbury's price Cheapest Co-op price
Shreddies original £1.05 in Clubcard offer until Wed 2 Dec (415g) £2.20 (415g) £2.50 (415g)
Cheerios Multigrain £2 in Clubcard offer until Wed 2 Dec (600g) £3.50 (600g) £3 (375g)
Shredded Wheat bitesize £2 in Clubcard offer until Wed 2 Dec (750g) £3.40 (750g) N/A
Curiously Cinnamon £2 in Clubcard offer until Wed 2 Dec (565g) £2 (375g) N/A

The cheapest you could get two packets of the same cereal in the offer stacking the Nestlé cashback or coupon with Tesco's Clubcard offer is 60p, or 30p each for 415g packets of Shreddies original. However, you'll only be able to get this price until the end of the month, but the Tesco offer is valid until Wednesday 2 December. For more information on Tesco Clubcard Prices, see my Tesco extends Clubcard Prices - but are they any good? blog.

As explained in the Shopmium section above, Cheerios 600g is included in its £1 cashback offer, it's also included in Tesco's Clubcard Prices offer, and it's included in the Nestlé cashback deal. So when you put my two deals stack hacks together into a triple stack... you'll get £2.50 off when you buy one £1.05 pack of Shreddies and one £2 pack of Cheerios, meaning your total spend is 55p making each box just under 28p, result.

How to get Shredded Wheat or Cheerios for 75p a box via Shopmium

Product Tesco Sainsbury's Co-op
Shreddies, 675g £3 £3.20 £3.50
Cheerios, 600g £2 in Clubcard offer until Wed 2 Dec £3.50 N/A
Shredded Wheat, 30 biscuits £2.70 N/A N/A
Shredded Wheat, 24 biscuits N/A £2 N/A

The cheapest you could get two packets of the same cereal stacking only the Nestlé cashback and the Shopmium cashback is £1.50, or 75p each for 24 biscuit packs of Shredded Wheat at Sainsbury's, or Cheerios at Tesco (see above to save more if you also like Shreddies). As long as your Sainsbury's or Tesco store has availability, and both the Nestlé and Shopmium cashback offers are still valid, you should be able to get this deal until the end of the month.

Isn't it cheaper to ditch brands? Not if you stack offers

At MSE we've encouraged you to downshift to cheaper alternatives where possible, so I checked the above prices against the cheapest similar alternative in Tesco for Shreddies-alikes, and Sainsbury's for Shredded Wheat-alikes.

Tesco doesn't seem to have a 415g box of wheat cereal, but one 750g box of of Tesco's suspiciously Shreddie-like 'Malt Wheats' is 83p (£1.66 for two, equivalent 46p for 415g). 500g of Shredded Wheat-alike 'Mini Wheats' at Sainsbury's will set you back £1.80 (£3.60 for two) – which means in this case you would NOT save by downshifting!

Donate to foodbanks if you won't use cereal

If you're not interested in eating two boxes of the cereal in this offer, but are able to get it, why not print out the coupon anyway and pick a couple of boxes up with your normal shop and pop them in the foodbank collection trolley on your way out of the supermarket? It's a tough time of year normally, but the pandemic has meant a rise in people using foodbanks, so you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling of couponing coupled with helping people, nice.

What if it doesn't work?

Although the T&Cs seem to suggest online receipts can be used for this offer, I've contacted Nestlé and the brand powering the cashback portion of the offer to be sure that online till receipts are valid, and was told that they should be as long as the photo clearly shows the product, where it was bought, and the date of purchase.

As long as your printer is working, you shouldn't have any problems printing the coupon to use in store, just be sure the barcode is easily read. Of course, as it's up to the manager of each supermarket store as to whether coupons are accepted, you may be told you can't use the coupon, so think of it as a bonus rather than guaranteed.

Shopping in store? Shop safely

Remember, it's mandatory to wear a face covering if you're shopping in store, and there may be special social distancing measures in place. With certain parts of the UK in national or regional lockdowns, you may want to check the latest Government information​​​​​​ before heading out to a store. See our ​Coronavirus Life-in-Lockdown guide​​​​ for latest info.

Have you switched from coupons to cashback during the pandemic? How are you saving money on your food shop? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter.