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  • If you go via this MSE Blagged Beer52* link, you can get a box of 18 craft beers for £20 delivered (contents £48ish separately elsewhere). Each one-off box, which is not part of a subscription, will include the 18 beers we've listed below, plus a snack and a copy of Ferment magazine. The offer ends at 11.59pm on Sun 3 Mar. 

    To get this deal you'll need to go via the link above – there's no code needed, the discount's automatically added. Of course, this isn't a 'down it in one' deal so please be Drinkaware.

    The beers are clearance stock, with some of them past their 'best-before' (see use-by vs best-before for the difference). Beer52 says about six in each case will be out of date, but told us the taste should be fine. Out of the two boxes we received, one had eight out of date beers and the other had nine. Even if you end up ditching a few, £20 is still a decent price when you think about the normal full cost of craft beer.

    What's included: 

    All beers are 330ml bottles or cans except for Hitachino (355ml). We've also listed the price you’d pay for them (or similar) elsewhere online, not including delivery.

    • Brick Brewery - Peckham Rye Red Ale (5%) - £2.20 at M&S
    • Tiny Rebel - Dutty Vermont IPA (4.2%) - £2.49 at Honest Brew 
    • Tiny Rebel - Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter (5.5%) - £2.49 at Beer Hawk
    • Northern Monk - Eternal IPA (4.1%) - £1.49 at Morrisons (based on 4-pack) 
    • The Garden Brewery - Citrus IPA (7.2%) - £3.39 at Honest Brew 
    • Five Points Brewing - Extra Pale Ale (4.4%) - £2.45 at Beerwulf 
    • Fourpure - Easy Peeler IPA (4%) - £1.80 at Tesco
    • Hitachino - Nest White Ale (5.5%) - £1.95 at Tesco
    • Northern Monk - Striding Edge Session IPA (2.8%) - £2.99 at Honest Brew
    • Gipsy Hill Brewing - Hepcat IPA (4.6%) - £2.30 at Gipsy Hill Brewing
    • The Garden Brewery Pale Ale (5.1%) - £2.99 at Honest Brew 
    • Lervig - House Party (4%) - £2.99 at Beer52
    • Trzech Kumpli - Misty Neipa (5.5%) - We couldn’t find this elsewhere 
    • Rothaus - Tannenzäpfle (5.1%) - We couldn’t find this elsewhere 
    • Trzech Kumpli - Pan IPA (6%) - £4.95 at Hop Burns & Black 
    • Pita - Hoplaaga Dry Hopped Lager - We couldn’t find this elsewhere 
    • Zmajska Pivovaera Dragon - Pivo Pale Ale (5.3%) - We couldn’t find this elsewhere 
    • Trzech Kumpli - Blackcyl Black IPA (7%) - We couldn’t find this elsewhere 

    Where we couldn't find the exact beer anywhere else, we’ve assigned a value of £2.50 based roughly on the average cost of other beers in the list.

    Delivery takes up to three days. Beer52 says it delivers to the UK mainland only.

    • What's Beer52?

      You might not have heard of Beer52, but it’s but it's been selling craft beer for six years and it's got a very strong average score of four out of five from 1,949 reviews on Trust Pilot. It delivers craft beer from worldwide breweries and works with microbreweries to find small-batch, unique beers. Usually Beer52 offers a subscription service, where you get a box every month and pay a fee per month. However, this deal is a one-off purchase - it's not part of a subscription, so there will be no auto-enrolment.

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