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  • Free 'granny in the glovebox' mobile phone

    Free 'granny in the glovebox' mobile phone

    If you top up with £10 credit

    You can get a free PAYG Alcatel 10.10 mobile phone from T-Mobile* when you buy £10 credit.  It's a standard colour-screen non-smartphone, but you can call, text, listen to the radio. Apocryphally though it's a 'granny in the glovebox' - in other words, great as a spare or for keeping in the car for emergencies. Delivery's free.

    Will the credit last? As long as you make a call or send a text within 180 days, your credit won't expire and your Sim will stay live. Fail to do that and you'll lose the credit.  So make a note to call a mate on it once every six months, just to be sure.

    If you're after something with more bells and whistles, or want a contract, see our step-by-step Cheap Mobiles guide.

    Here are the mobile's specifications:

    • 106mm by 46mm
    • Dual-band
    • Has large illuminating keys
    • Torch light
    • Hands-free speaker
    • Audio player
    • FM radio and MP3 player
    • Four hour talk time
    • Texting
    • Calling

    Important: UK calls are 35p per min, texts are 14p each. Credit will last for 6 months.

    It'll stay on standby for 250 hours, so you can leave it about for emergencies. It has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.