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You've learned about tax codes, checked yours, and possibly discovered an over- or underpayment. But what next? On the sixth and final page of this guide we look at the steps you can take in the future to ensure you're contributing the right levels of tax.

Check your code regularly, especially if your circumstances change

With any luck, once you have established the right tax code, it'll all be sorted with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) from then on, unravelling the web of complexity surrounding tax codes and what you ultimately should be paying. Yet don't bank on it...

Even small changes can alter your code

Every time your circumstances change – whether it's a promotion at work with a larger salary, new employee benefits, taking on another job, giving up work to have children or leaving the country and the UK tax system altogether – your tax code may change, so it can be worth getting in touch with HMRC to establish your new tax code.

Updating your details today can save an awful lot of hassle and expense in future. You can update these details (and others, such as your address) through your personal tax account or by using the HMRC app. Our full guide to the HMRC app explains how you can use the app to update your personal details.

If your situation is more complex, get free tax help

This guide provides general information about tax codes to help you see if you're on the right track. But it's no substitute for personal advice if you need it – and you should always take care to ensure you're definite about any actions you're taking.

The following organisations all give help and advice, and some don't charge a fee, so give them a try if you're struggling:

  • TaxAid – Can provide help and advice if you earn £20,000 a year or less and can't resolve your issue directly with HM Revenue & Customs. Has a national helpline (0345 120 3779), provides help by email and has face-to-face services in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Newcastle.
  • Tax Help for Older People – If you're aged over 60, you can get help by sending a letter, emailing or by calling 01308 488066.
  • Citizens Advice – Though this doesn't provide advice on tax, it may help with related points such as benefits. 

If you can afford to pay for advice and have more complex affairs, try the Chartered Institute of Taxation's search to find a qualified tax adviser.

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