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Check if you're owed a rebate

On page three of this multipage guide we'll talk you through when it's sensible to check whether you're on the right tax code.

Check if your tax code is correct

There are millions of errors, so never assume your code is correct. Anyone can be affected, but you should take action quickly if one of the following situations has applied to you in the recent past.

  • Changed jobs? HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can incorrectly assume you have two jobs if your former employer hasn't let it know that you've moved on.
  • Have more than one income? If you've been earning money from more than one source (for example, a second job), you could find that you've been taxed incorrectly on a chunk of your earnings.
  • Receive employee benefits? If part of your salary is made up of company benefits such as a company car, healthcare cash plan or medical insurance, it's possible you're being taxed wrongly.
  • Just started your first job? Young people embarking on a first job in the middle of a tax year can easily be shunted on to an emergency tax code. Never assume the amount you receive in the first few pay packets is correct.
  • Have more than one pension or recently retired? If you receive money from more than one pension source, have retired in the last couple of years or have recently started to receive the state pension, you could have been taxed erroneously.

Here's inspiration from MoneySavers who queried the amount of tax they were paying and found they had overpaid (though note that equally you could find that you have underpaid).

Thank you – you recently stressed the importance of checking your tax code. After I was made redundant, I got my P45 and phoned HMRC. I said: 'Can you check this for me?' After they checked a couple of things they said: 'We owe you £11,486 – how would you like it paid?' The cheque arrived 10 days later.

I had just trusted the amount of money HMRC had taken off my redundancy pay – then my instinct kicked in after your warnings. This success has allowed us to clear our debts and plan for the future. 

- Tina

Thank you for your advice to check your tax code, I did and discovered I was being taxed on every penny I earned, without any allowance. I'd previously been self-employed, but stopped trading three years ago and my tax code hadn't been updated with my employer.

It took an hour on the phone to HMRC, but I've now been refunded £9,400. Thank you so much Martin and all Money Saving Experts.

- Michele

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