Free Tax Code Calculator

Check if you're owed a rebate

The Tax Code Calculator lives on page four of this multipage guide – use it to get an idea of whether you're paying the right amount of tax. If you're not, it's worth taking further action to check whether you're owed (or owe) cash.

The Tax Code Calculator

The amount of tax you pay is based on your total income for the tax year – whether this is from one, two or more jobs, interest on savings, or rental income from a second property that you own. But you will still only have one personal allowance (the amount you can earn before tax) for all of them.

If you've only one job, simply plug your salary and tax code into our calculator. If you've multiple jobs, tot up your total personal allowance given to you by your tax codes – for example, tax codes 300L and 250L would give you a tax-free allowance of £5,500. You can then compare this with the results in the calculator for each salary and code you enter.

This should give you a ROUGH idea of whether you're on the correct tax code or codes (it's impossible to be exact). If it seems wrong, it could be worth taking action to check whether you're owed (or owe) cash – see what to do if your tax code is wrong.

Got one employer, no work perks, live in England/Northern Ireland and earn under £100,000? Your 2024/25 tax code should be 1257L (S1257L in Scotland and C1257L in Wales).

Please report successes/failures getting money back in the Tax Code Calculator successes forum discussion.

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