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Mortgage Best Buys

We aim to bring you the most powerful mortgage best buy table possible, including all deals available to brokers and most direct only

Unlike many other best buy tables we don't just include broker only mortgages, we also show you the majority of direct deals. The only mortgages that might be available that we can't show are ones that are exclusive to specific brokers or comparison sites.

deals too. And we don't promote 'featured commercial partners'.

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This is the amount you own outright (that you've not borrowed).

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This is the amount of cash you stump up yourself towards a purchase.

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Loan-to Value (LTV):


LTV stands for loan-to-value ratio which is the percentage of the property value you are borrowing. If you put down a 20,000 deposit on a 100,000 home, you need to borrow 80,000 which is 80% of the value, making it 80% LTV.

The LTV is important as it determines which mortgages you can apply for. The lower the LTV, the cheaper the deal, as the lender is taking less of a risk that it will be short changed if it ends up repossessing and selling your home.

Generally speaking, you need a max 75% LTV to get a decent rate and max 60% for the best rates. Interestingly, if you are close to a threshold, eg, 76%, check how much cheaper products are if you reduce the LTV to 75% by scrambling together some cash.


You have selected to pay back your mortgage in under 4 years, if you meant to search for an initial deal length instead of the mortgage length, please use the filters
The days of buying a home with less than a 5% deposit are long gone so you'll need to find a bigger deposit or consider a lower priced property.
There are sometimes a very limited range of remortgage products that offer more than 95% but please do check carefully with a broker or the lender what conditions are attached before applying.
The smallest mortgage on the market is £10,000. Please correct if this is a typo.
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Initial Deal length:

Initial Deal length

The shorter the initial deal, the lower the rate usually is. However, a longer deal may actually be better value.

Use the filters to look at the top rates for the different lengths that could work for you. Just remember that leaving a product (or overpaying more than your lender allows) during the initial deal would usually incur an early repayment charge.

Early Repayment Charges:

Early Repayment Charges

An early repayment charge is a penalty for repaying the mortgage, or overpaying more than is allowed by the lender, during an initial tie-in period. This tie-in period is usually the length of the initial interest rate deal, eg, 2 year fixed or 5 year tracker.

There are many deals that do not have an early repayment charge but they tend to be slightly more expensive for this extra flexibility. Selecting this filter will significantly reduce the number and type of deals available.

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You have selected to pay your mortgage in under 4 years. Remember, this is the total length of the mortgage we're asking, which most people pay off in 25 years, not the length of your initial deal, eg, 2-year fix.