Ovo has become the latest energy supplier to hike prices, with 94,000 customers on its dual fuel standard tariff set to see bills rise by an average of 5% from January.

The announcement comes amid mounting fears of wider price increases this winter. Other smaller suppliers including Co-op Energy and GB Energy have already hiked their variable tariffs, while MoneySavingExpert.com research found the price of the market's cheapest deal has jumped by £100/year in just six months.

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How Ovo is hiking prices

There are two price changes, which come into effect on 10 January 2017 and apply to those on Ovo's Pay Monthly Simpler variable tariff:

  • the unit price of electricity will rise by 18%.
  • the standing charges for gas and electricity will each fall by £10 a year.

Ovo says this means that a dual fuel household on typical usage will see an overall 5% increase, with the average annual bill rising from £1,004 to £1,054.

However there will be a steeper rise for the 25,000 customers on an electricity-only tariff - their typical annual bill will rise by £59 to reach £539, according to Ovo's figures - a 12% price increase. 

Around 3,000 gas-only customers will see their bills fall. Ovo doesn't offer gas-only tariffs, but told MoneySavingExpert.com it has a few customers who joined as dual-fuel customers and then switched their electricity away, meaning they are now gas-only customers.

What does Ovo say?

In a statement on its website, the company said: "Since 10 June, the forward price of gas has increased by 30% and electricity by 23%. Ovo reviews its prices on a regular basis and has a strong track record of cost-reflective pricing and passing back savings to customers whenever possible."