Motor insurance premiums have risen 8% since the first quarter of 2016, taking them to their highest level since 2012, the industry has warned.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) says "cost pressures" including whiplash claims, Insurance Premium Tax, rising repair bills and the changes to the 'discount rate' (which determines how accident compensation is calculated) have seen the average premium rise by £34 a year to reach £462.

And it's warning that costs are likely to rise further this year as insurers face bigger payouts to those seriously injured in road accidents, and Insurance Premium Tax rises from 10% to 12 % in June.

The ABI is now lobbying the Government to "strike the right balance between the interests of claimants and consumers".

ABI assistant director Rob Cummings said insurers are "doing all they can to ensure that motorists get the most competitive deals possible".

He added: "The industry can only do so much though, and it is important that whichever party is in government after the election, they commit to measures to help lower the cost of car insurance.

"Whatever the outcome, the new government must push ahead with reforms to tackle low value whiplash-related claims and introduce urgent reforms to change the framework for setting the discount rate."

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Many are overpaying already, especially those who just auto-renewed. New rules which came into effect on 1 April mean insurers are now forced to tell you what you paid last year when writing to you with an auto-renewal quote, highlighting how much they hike costs from one year to the next.

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