A chicken nugget aficionado has taken the old adage 'if you don't ask, you don't get' to a whole new level, launching an audacious campaign to win a year's supply of free nuggets via social media.

Carter Wilkinson, a student from Reno, Nevada, USA, used Twitter to strike a bizarre deal with American fast-food chain Wendy's - it'll give him a year's worth of nuggets if he's able to secure 18 million retweets.

Not daunted by the tall order, Carter has already bagged an impressive 2.4 million retweets in just under a week, with big corporate accounts including Microsoft and Amazon throwing their weight behind his campaign.

For tips on how to use social media to get companies to send you free coupons - even if it's not for a year's worth of chicken nuggets - see the Extreme Couponing guide and MSE Jordon's video below.

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