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Clubcard holders can now use their vouchers at Tesco Mobile

Tesco Clubcard holders can now turn their Clubcard points into Tesco Mobile vouchers to double their value.

Clubcard vouchers can now be used to reduce pay monthly bills for Tesco Mobile, which piggybacks off the O2 network.

The Tesco Mobile vouchers will be worth double their Clubcard value, so £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers will become a £20 voucher to be used at Tesco Mobile.

The news comes after reports that Tesco is looking longer-term at introducing an Amazon-style loyalty scheme, which would give shoppers greater incentives to sign up to the company's other products, such as its bank and mobile phone services.

For full info on Tesco's Clubcard scheme and how to take it to the max, see our Reclaim & Boost Tesco Vouchers guide.

How do you turn Clubcard vouchers into money off your phone bill?

If you want to take advantage of the offer, here's how to do it:

1. If you're a Tesco Mobile pay monthly customer, you need to log onto the Clubcard website and select the amount of Clubcard vouchers you want to double up.

2. You'll be sent two emails. The first will be your Clubcard order confirmation and the second one will contain your Tesco Mobile Clubcard Partner voucher.

3. Log in to My Account on Tesco Mobile and click 'Reduce your bill with Clubcard Partner vouchers' and follow the instructions.

If your Clubcard vouchers are worth more than your bill, the remainder will stay as a credit on your account to reduce your next bill. If you have bill credit from Clubcard vouchers when you end your contract, this won't be refunded.

While some may welcome this offer, always check you're on the best deal for you. See our Best Sim only deals and Cheap Mobile guides for more information.

You can triple your Clubcard vouchers instead

For the majority of Tesco Clubcard partners, such as Goldsmiths, Pizza Express and Railcards, you can triple the value of your Clubcard points.

It's odd that the new Tesco Mobile Clubcard offer doesn't align with these other deals, as last year Tesco launched a major shake-up of its scheme to ensure that you would be able to triple the value of your Clubcard points with the majority of its partners. Previously, you could swap your Clubcard points for vouchers worth two, three or four times the value, depending on the partner.

So even if you're a Tesco Mobile customer, you may be able to get more for your points if you were going to spend at any of the other Clubcard partners, which allow you to triple the value of your points.

See our Reclaim & Boost Tesco Vouchers guide for full information.

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