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Friday is the cheapest day to fly, research suggests – with flights to Milan the best value for money

Passengers could cut their flight costs by 9% if they chose to travel on a Friday, research conducted by Skyscanner suggests. The travel company also found that Milan is best value destination to fly to this year, with flight costs now more than 60% lower than before the pandemic.

Skyscanner reviewed flights advertised in the first three months of this year, for a planned departure in March. 

Skyscanner's Naomi Hahn suggested that passengers mix and match where they're flying from and who they're flying with. She said that changing who you're flying with on outbound and inbound flights could "seriously cut" costs. Being open to changing travel dates by a day or two could also help save cash. 

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Milan is the cheapest destination to fly to this year but book six weeks in advance

Skyscanner also considered the best value destinations to travel to this year. As an example, it looked at making a flight booking in March for travel in May, and compared the price difference between 2019 and 2022 for the same period. 

The findings showed that Milan came out top, with the average return flight costing £38 in March 2022, compared to £102 in March 2019. But the best time to book a flight to Milan is six weeks in advance, according to the travel company, so make sure you're ready to plan in advance. 

The table below outlines the top destinations to fly to in March, including the price and booking date. 

Best destination to travel to in May if you've booked in March


Ranking (based on price difference)


Average return fare in March 2022 for travel in May 2022

Average return fare in March 2019 for travel in May 2019

% cheaper

Best time to book






6 weeks 






13 weeks 






21 weeks 






6 weeks 






1 week 

What does Skyscanner say?

Ms Hahn said: "Price has always been a key determining factor in the travel choices people make, and with more and more people returning to the skies and summer holidays on the horizon, getting a great deal is top of mind for many. What we are seeing is that travel providers continue to support the return of travel with competitive fares."

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