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Warning. 100 days till Christmas - 48 things to do now that'll save you then

16 September 2015

We hate to mention it at this time of year - but this ain't about celebrating early, rather canny tips to save

Five Tesco tricks as it launches new double-up

29 July 2015

Tesco's relaunching its redeem at double value scheme, this time including Tesco Direct (its Argos catalogue equivalent)

Planning a big eBay sale? Beat new charges and do it this weekend

9 May 2014

From Tuesday eBay is changing its insertion fee, so if you've got lots of items to sell, you should do it now

Jenny Keefe

Lead Writer (currently on maternity leave)

As's Lead Writer, Jenny covers a wide array of subjects, including travel, money-making, mental health and debt, shopping and property. She also produces apps and online tools such as the Local eBay Deals Finder and Split Train Ticket Finder.

Born in the glorious county of Essex, Jenny got the book Free Stuff for Kids for her eighth birthday, and so her passion for MoneySaving began. She's now been writing about consumer affairs for nearly a decade.

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8 May 2014

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Amazon closes free delivery loophole – but you can still beat the charges

22 January 2014

Amazon shoppers can no longer get free postage on goods under £10 delivered to home, but there are ways to get around it

BT now charges for 1571 – opt out if you don't use it

8 January 2014

BT now charges for its previously-free 1571 answer phone and caller display services - so opt out now to cut costs

Ryanair forces ALL customers to pay admin charge

7 November 2012

Passengers will no longer be able escape a £6 fee by using the airline's prepaid Mastercard

Travelodge reassures over hotel booking safety

21 August 2012

The firm has moved to reassure customers that bookings are safe after it announced it will offload 10% of hotels

Solar homes in clear as Government loses subsidy bid

23 March 2012

The Supreme Court has refused the Government permission to appeal against a ruling its solar subsidy cuts were unfair

Solar panel subsidies may fall further, Government says

9 February 2012

The Government has proposed an even greater slashing of solar subsidies, as it confirmed the first cut next month

Government loses appeal over solar subsidy cuts

25 January 2012

Homeowners who install solar panels before 3 March will get higher payments, after a Government appeal was rejected

Easyjet ends fee-free bookings as it now charges for Visa Electron

13 January 2012

Easyjet passengers will no longer be able to beat booking fees with a Visa Electron card.

Government solar panel cuts 'legally flawed'

2 January 2012

Government plans to cut subsidies for solar panels have been ruled legally flawed by the High Court

Margaret Thatcher voted leader to 'knock Britain into shape'

18 November 2011

Thatcher has been voted the Prime Minister best equipped to lead Britain in 2011 by a poll of MoneySavers

Solar subsidies to be slashed under government plans

31 October 2011

Solar panel gains will plummet for people who install after 11 December, under government plans announced today

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