The cost of a standard colour TV licence will rise to 150.50 from Sunday 1 April an increase of 3.50.

A black and white TV licence will also increase in cost by 1 to 50.50.

There will be no change to the free over-75 TV licence, and if you are blind (severely sight impaired), you will still be able to apply for a 50% discount so your colour licence will cost 75.25, which is an increase of 1.75.

Those buying or renewing a licence after 1 April will pay the new fee. Anyone who has already started paying for their licence before 1 April such as by monthly direct debit or weekly cash payments will continue to make payments totalling 147 until their licence comes up for renewal.

If your TV licence expires in March, it's especially important to renew before 1 April, so you don't pay the increased cost. If you're getting a new licence, you should also do this before 1 April to ensure you pay the lower amount.

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This is just one of many public service and utility price hikes due to hit:

- Stamps... first & second class will rise by 2p on 26 March buy early to save.
- Passports... online application costs go up by 3 from 27 March beat the hike.
- Prescriptions... climb to 8.80 on 1 April in England see cheap medicines help.
- Council tax... bills increase on 1 April, yet some overpay challenge your tax band.
- Water bills... are going up by an average 9 on 1 April cut your water bills.
- Dental charges... check-up costs will go up from 1 April can dental insurance help?
- Student loan... repayment thresholds rise on 6 April see full info.

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