We compiled our top 15 life hacks last week and put them in our weekly email in a random order to see how many page views each article got between Wednesday 27 May, when we sent out the email, and Monday 1 June.

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Your ultimate life hacks
Rank Life hack Page views (i)
1 Watch TV and (legally) don't pay the licence fee 118,900
2 Beat Sky TV's price hikes 103,100
3 Free 48/yr for Barclays bank customers 90,800
4 Beware smileys in texts - they could cost 100s. 66,200
5 Zara shopper? The must-know trick for summer 66,100
6 Reclaim lost Tesco points, then quadruple them 63,100
7 A year's 2for1 cinema by manipulating Meerkat movies 59,900
8 Should I buy euros now? 57,100
9 Easyjet flight refund trick - has your flight dropped in price? 52,800
10 Cash ISAs vs Santander 123? 47,500
11 Amazon shopper? You're entitled to music going back 16yrs 42,000
12 Earn less than 15,600? Get your savings interest tax-free 39,100
13 Join the complaining revolution - free tool to help millions fix gripes (ii) 28,000
14 'I got my Amazon Prime 79 subscription back' 12,300
15 Beware Michael Parkinson - nice fella, but his insurance is pants 10,700
Figures rounded to nearest 100. (i) From Wednesday 27 May 2015 - Monday 1 June 2015. (ii) Includes views directly to Resolver and to our Resolver guide.
Martin Lewis
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