Morrisons shoppers have been dealt a blow as those with its free Match & More loyalty card will soon no longer get the price difference back if their grocery shop would have been cheaper at Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

Currently, shoppers who spend 15 or more on at least one "comparable" product earn points if their shopping would have been cheaper elsewhere. For every 10p difference, you get 100 Match & More points, which are accrued and swapped for money-off Morrisons vouchers.

But the supermarket has revealed it's axing this 'Match' scheme from 2 November just over a year since it launched. Some shoppers have been left disappointed by the move as Morrisons is the only major supermarket to price compare against discount chains Aldi and Lidl.

Morrisons says the change is a result of customer feedback that some elements of the scheme are complicated, such as how the price matching works.

You will however be able to keep any points accrued before 2 November. Once you get 5,000 points these will be automatically swapped for a 5 off voucher at the till (or you can opt for it via email if you shop online).

Once See our Loyalty Points Boosting guide for a round-up of other loyalty schemes and our Supermarket Shopping guide for tricks on slashing food bills.

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Standard points scheme to be extended

The 'More' part of Morrisons' points scheme will remain, and it's actually being extended. Here, shoppers with a Morrisons loyalty card will earn the following (there's no minimum spend):

  • From 2 November: Five points per 1 qualifying spend (items that don't qualify include stamps, baby milk, gift cards and prescriptions) at all Morrisons stores, petrol stations (on items other than fuel) and at This will also include spending at Morrisons' flower shops, garden centres and pharmacies.

  • Shoppers will continue to earn: 10 points per litre of fuel purchased from a Morrisons petrol station.

  • Shoppers will continue to earn: Extra points on selected products in stores, in petrol stations and online.

Points will also continue to be automatically swapped for a 5 off voucher at the till (or you can opt for it via email if you shop online) once you reach 5,000 points. But assuming you don't earn any extra points, you'll have to spend a hefty 1,000 to earn a 5-off voucher.

Vouchers will also continue to be valid for 56 weeks from the date you earn 5,000 points. See Morrisons' FAQ for further details on what's happening.

Morrisons shoppers dealt blow as it axes supermarket price match scheme
Morrisons shoppers dealt blow as it axes supermarket price match scheme

Unhappy customers

Some customers have voiced their disappointment about the change in Morrisons' loyalty scheme on our forum:

  • KazakhToon says: "This is a big blow to be honest. I made a point of shopping at Morrisons since with the card I could guarantee a regular voucher (generally about once a month) and it was price matching with everyone, even Lidl and Aldi, so I knew I was getting the best possible deal."

  • kathryna: "Will miss the price matching. Could get a 5 voucher from one shop."

  • KevinG says: "It [the loyalty scheme] was the main reason for shopping in Morrisons that and the fact it bombarded me with money-off coupons for a while. Now it's stopped, and "Match" has been ditched and replaced with a miserly 5 for a 1,000 spend, it's not worth it."
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