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School uniforms

Cost of school uniform set to fall in England due to new law

Under the Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Bill, which was rubber stamped by Parliament this week (on 29 April), the Government will set statutory guidance schools will be required by law to consider when developing their uniform policies.

30 April 2021

All Scottish councils will offer £100 school uniform grants

All eligible families will be able to receive a grant of at least £100 to cover the cost of school uniforms

11 September 2018

Chancellor pledges measures to help boost switching

George Osborne has pledged to save families up to £470 a year by boosting competition and cutting red tape

30 November 2015

Schools urged to provide more affordable uniforms

Parents should be able to buy school uniforms at the best possible price, the Competition and Markets Authority says

15 October 2015

Schools urged to keep uniform costs down

The LGA says families do not have endless cash for new uniforms and it's calling on schools to keep costs to a minimum

31 August 2012