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Guest Comment: How financial advice will change for good

If you have a financial adviser there are fundamental changes on the horizon which will affect how you access and pay for advice

30 September 2011

Wonga responds to US debt comparison jibes

After Martin's blog about how the cost of a high APR loan can spiral out of control, Wonga gives its side

23 September 2011

Energy salesman told to read porn to pump up for selling

Reading porn to desensitise, then switching customers without their knowledge. Welcome to the world of door-to-door energy sales

9 September 2011

Pensions Minister: Get ready for the 2012 revolution

All employees will be gradually enrolled into a pension from next year. Pensions Minister Steve Webb explains the impact

19 August 2011

Guest Comment: Don't sweat over stock market falls

With markets in freefall, Adrian Lowcock, from Bestinvest, says investors and pension savers shouldn't panic

12 August 2011

Guest Comment: Beware the 'fix now!' mortgage plea

'Fix now!' is the message you'll hear from many mortgage experts. But as broker David Hollingworth says, they have no crystal ball

5 August 2011

Guest Comment: Government student loan explanations 'woeful'

With tuition fees rising to £9,000 in 2012, student finance expert Prof Nicholas Barr says governments haven't explained costs

29 July 2011

Guest Comment: Why should we pay for OUR credit reports?

Tom Ilube, from Callcredit, explains the importance of credit files and whether other firms will embrace free reports

22 July 2011

Guest Comment: Shake-up will aid energy market

As prices are rising, Andrew Wright, from energy regulator Ofgem, says a planned overhaul will help consumers find the top deals

15 July 2011

Guest Comment: Why are energy prices increasing?

Utilyx energy expert Andrew Horstead says Britain is facing an energy 'trilemma' and consumers stand to pay the price

11 July 2011