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Sky Sports set to end subscription 'pause' for customers next month

Sky Sports customers who have "paused" their subscription during the coronavirus pandemic are set to be billed from 19 June, if moves to kick off live sport again go ahead as planned

27 May 2020

Homeowners set to be able to extend mortgage payment holidays

Those struggling to pay their mortgage due to coronavirus are set to be able to extend their payment holidays for three more months, or start making reduced payments, in proposals published today

22 May 2020

Ryanair staff wrongly tell customers chargeback is 'fraudulent activity' and could mean they are put on a 'blacklist'

Ryanair staff have told customers that the chargeback card-protection scheme is "a fraudulent activity" and could result in them being blacklisted by the airline in the future

21 May 2020

Rail passengers waiting over six weeks for season ticket refunds

Some rail passengers have waited six weeks or more for refunds on their season tickets, according to a new survey from the transport watchdog

20 May 2020

The 50 best and worst travel firms for cancellation refunds: Ryanair and Teletext fail, Hays Travel and Jet2 succeed

The coronavirus pandemic has been uniformly devastating for the travel industry, with millions of holidays and travel bookings either unavailable or cancelled. Yet how firms treat their customers due to it has led to a stark divide, according to a major new investigative survey by

18 May 2020

TfL to hike congestion charge, halt free travel for kids and increase fares after Government bailout

Transport for London will have to introduce a series of temporary measures after it was given a £1.6 billion bailout by the Government. These include stopping free travel for children, reducing free travel for the over-60s and a 30% hike in the congestion charge for people driving into the centre of London

15 May 2020

Tesco Clubcard vouchers expiring this month? You'll have an extra six months to use them

Clubcard vouchers which are set to expire this month will now be valid until November due to the coronavirus situation – while customers who have already redeemed vouchers have been given more time to use their codes

15 May 2020

Payment holidays and premium reviews confirmed for insurance customers struggling due to coronavirus

The financial regulator has confirmed it will introduce measures to help insurance customers struggling during the coronavirus pandemic – meaning insurers will need to assess whether they can change what's covered to offer customers lower premiums. Insurers may also be expected to offer customers payment holidays of up to three months

14 May 2020

Payment holidays may hurt mortgage application chances via the back door

New information uncovered by indicates taking a payment holiday on your mortgage or other forms of credit could have an impact on future credit applications despite promises that credit scores won't be affected

14 May 2020

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