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Premier League football comes to Amazon Prime

Online giant Amazon has today bought the rights to 20 live Premier League matches per season.

7 June 2018

Decathlon to close its customer loyalty points scheme

Sports retailer Decathlon is closing its loyalty scheme meaning any leftover points will be wiped in nine days' time

21 November 2017

Second-hand ticket sites investigated amid 'transparency concerns'

The CMA has warned it will take action against secondary ticketing websites found to be flouting consumer law

19 December 2016

Millions in line for BT Sport refund: Reclaim now

BT Sport customers who believe they were unwittingly opted in to paying a £5/month charge can now get a refund

13 August 2015

Beat the BT Sport hikes: Millions auto opted in, everyone with BT broadband should check

More than five million BT Sport customers either face a steep price rise or will have to pay £5/month extra

22 July 2015

How to beat BT Sport's price rise - everyone with BT broadband should check

Millions of BT broadband customers will be hit with a new £60/year charge to watch BT Sport from August

16 June 2015

Now TV viewers to get refunds after Premier League glitch

Sky is to refund viewers who couldn't watch Sunday's Premier League coverage on Now TV after the service failed

12 May 2014

Premier League free streaming sites: Is it legal to watch after court ruling?

Broadband providers have been told to block access to a site offering live Premier League games

23 July 2013

Sky offers free broadband for sports subscribers

Sky hits back against rival BT's move to offer free TV sport with its broadband

14 June 2013

Barclaycard Football gets red card – act soon to score 0% deals

Barclaycard Football credit card users have two months to get 0% interest for life on season tickets and gym membership

5 June 2013

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