Where is it fair to haggle? MoneySaving Poll Results


Haggling’s a key tool in any MoneySaver’s arsenal – after all even a price tag is only an indicative mark – it’s not legally binding. Many succeed in haggling prices down from Sky to Tesco, the AA to John Lewis. Yet is haggling acceptable everywhere?

Please vote in ALL the categories below on IS IT FAIR TO HAGGLE?

Important: This isn’t about whether you do it, but whether you think it fair for anyone to.


Broadband / mobile / digital TV at renewal (3651 votes)
Haggle away3400 votes (93%)
Only if overpriced205 votes (6%)
Never46 votes (1%)
Car boot / jumble sale (not for charity) (3621 votes)
Haggle away2987 votes (82%)
Only if overpriced564 votes (16%)
Never70 votes (2%)
Chain restaurant (3526 votes)
Haggle away651 votes (18%)
Only if overpriced1004 votes (28%)
Never1871 votes (53%)
Charity shop (3559 votes)
Haggle away407 votes (11%)
Only if overpriced951 votes (27%)
Never2201 votes (62%)
High st chain-store (3517 votes)
Haggle away1054 votes (30%)
Only if overpriced1013 votes (29%)
Never1450 votes (41%)
Home services, eg, baby-sitter, gardener, cleaner (3571 votes)
Haggle away1197 votes (34%)
Only if overpriced1663 votes (47%)
Never711 votes (20%)
Local restaurant (3502 votes)
Haggle away410 votes (12%)
Only if overpriced1177 votes (34%)
Never1915 votes (55%)
Market stall seller (3577 votes)
Haggle away2068 votes (58%)
Only if overpriced1127 votes (32%)
Never382 votes (11%)
National Trust / English Heritage place etc (3511 votes)
Haggle away482 votes (14%)
Only if overpriced639 votes (18%)
Never2390 votes (68%)
One-off independent local store (3518 votes)
Haggle away618 votes (18%)
Only if overpriced1325 votes (38%)
Never1575 votes (45%)
Paying for a taxi (3556 votes)
Haggle away880 votes (25%)
Only if overpriced1525 votes (43%)
Never1151 votes (32%)
Pound shop (3515 votes)
Haggle away294 votes (8%)
Only if overpriced365 votes (10%)
Never2856 votes (81%)
Pub/bar (3514 votes)
Haggle away348 votes (10%)
Only if overpriced761 votes (22%)
Never2405 votes (68%)

           3,688 people have voted.

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