Should inheritance tax be scrapped?MoneySaving Poll Results

The Prime Minister has said hed like to raise the threshold at which you pay inheritance tax to 1m (currently, its 325,000 or 650,000 for a couple, as allowances can be transferred).

Which of these is closest to your view on inheritance tax?


Keep it. It redistributes income and stops perpetuating privilege by birth.2,135 votes (13 %)
Keep it, but exclude main homes as everyone has a right to pass that on.1,707 votes (10 %)
Keep it, but only for the very rich (eg, those with over 1m).3,025 votes (18 %)
Scrap it. People pay taxes during their life, why pay again when they die?5,689 votes (34 %)
Scrap it. People have a right to pass their money on as they choose.4,247 votes (25 %)

                   16,803 votes received.

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