How much would you ask for back?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 01 July 2008.

How much would you ask for back?

If you had lent a friend money, would you always ask for it back, or does it have to be above a certain amount before you bother? Which is closest to your typical answer?


A. I never ask for money back.584 votes (7 %)
B. 100 and over.731 votes (9 %)
C. 20 and over.1,368 votes (16 %)
D. 10 and over.1,836 votes (22 %)
E. 5 and over.2,075 votes (25 %)
F. 2 and over.395 votes (5 %)
G. 1 and over.384 votes (5 %)
H. 50p and over.78 votes (1 %)
I. 10p and over.  20 votes (0 %)
J. 5p and over.  20 votes (0 %)
K. I always ask for money back.943 votes (11 %)

                   8,434 votes received.

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