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Poll started 01 Dec 2008:

Mortgage Brokers

Which system did you use the last time your changed/got a mortgage?

For years, Iíve always said never go to your bank/building society to get a mortgage, always use a whole of market mortgage broker (see mortgage brokers guide), but I'm interested to see how people actually do it.


A. Donít have a mortgage1,212 votes (20 %)
B. Not switched mortgage in the last five years349 votes (6 %)
C. Direct bank/building society (or their advisor)706 votes (12 %)
D. Simply renewed my deal with my bank431 votes (7 %)
E. Mortgage Broker (fees free)1,118 votes (19 %)
F. Mortgage Broker (paid a fee)411 votes (7 %)
G. Independent Financial Advisor837 votes (14 %)
H. DIY using comparison sites771 votes (13 %)
I. DIY via execution only cashback mortgage broker  18 votes (0 %)
J. Other84 votes (1 %)

                   5,937 votes received.

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