Parcel delivery firms: who are the best and worst?MoneySaving Poll Results

Parcel delivery horror stories range from no-shows to “they threw the goods over the fence” or “they lied that we weren't in”. Last year, we asked who the good guys and cowboys were – now we want to see if anything’s changed.

Please rate your overall experiences with these major firms DURING THE LAST YEAR (don’t rate if you haven’t experienced their service).


Collect Plus (1624 votes)
Good973 votes (60%)
OK469 votes (29%)
Bad182 votes (11%)
City Link (3985 votes)
Good1374 votes (34%)
OK1544 votes (39%)
Bad1067 votes (27%)
DHL (3432 votes)
Good1712 votes (50%)
OK1310 votes (38%)
Bad410 votes (12%)
DPD (4493 votes)
Good3097 votes (69%)
OK843 votes (19%)
Bad553 votes (12%)
Hermes (5316 votes)
Good2470 votes (46%)
OK1258 votes (24%)
Bad1588 votes (30%)
Interlink (1451 votes)
Good580 votes (40%)
OK638 votes (44%)
Bad233 votes (16%)
Parcelforce (5152 votes)
Good2778 votes (54%)
OK1737 votes (34%)
Bad637 votes (12%)
Royal Mail Parcels (6051 votes)
Good3521 votes (58%)
OK1835 votes (30%)
Bad695 votes (11%)
TNT (1987 votes)
Good648 votes (33%)
OK943 votes (47%)
Bad396 votes (20%)
UPS (2967 votes)
Good1716 votes (58%)
OK891 votes (30%)
Bad360 votes (12%)
UK Mail (2377 votes)
Good715 votes (30%)
OK1052 votes (44%)
Bad610 votes (26%)
Yodel (5617 votes)
Good1256 votes (22%)
OK1113 votes (20%)
Bad3248 votes (58%)
Never used a delivery firm
Never used a delivery firm 23 votes
Had deliveries but don't know which firm
Had deliveries but don't know which firm 110 votes

           8,997 people have voted.

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