Parcel delivery firms: which are the best and worst?MoneySaving Poll Results


Now the festive season is over, Santa finally has the chance to rest, yet for parcel delivery firms (which helped) it's business as usual.

Over the past few years we've heard a variety of horror stories ranging from no-shows, mis-delivered parcels and even items being left in the bin.

So itís time for our fifth annual poll to sort the good guys from the cowboys...

Please rate your experience with each of these firms DURING THE LAST YEAR (donít rate if you havenít experienced their services).


Amazon Logistics (not always used by Amazon) (4008 votes)
Great1828 votes (46%)
OK1679 votes (42%)
Poor501 votes (13%)
APC (594 votes)
Great155 votes (26%)
OK257 votes (43%)
Poor182 votes (31%)
City Sprint (430 votes)
Great53 votes (12%)
OK216 votes (50%)
Poor161 votes (37%)
Collect Plus (1622 votes)
Great836 votes (52%)
OK618 votes (38%)
Poor168 votes (10%)
DHL (2781 votes)
Great1169 votes (42%)
OK1305 votes (47%)
Poor307 votes (11%)
DPD (5751 votes)
Great3865 votes (67%)
OK1198 votes (21%)
Poor688 votes (12%)
DPD Local (formerly Interlink) (1819 votes)
Great1009 votes (55%)
OK475 votes (26%)
Poor335 votes (18%)
DX (652 votes)
Great132 votes (20%)
OK279 votes (43%)
Poor241 votes (37%)
FedEx UK (1535 votes)
Great644 votes (42%)
OK696 votes (45%)
Poor195 votes (13%)
Hermes/MyHermes (6795 votes)
Great2232 votes (33%)
OK1958 votes (29%)
Poor2605 votes (38%)
iPost Parcels (471 votes)
Great76 votes (16%)
OK191 votes (41%)
Poor204 votes (43%)
Parcelforce (4635 votes)
Great1945 votes (42%)
OK2002 votes (43%)
Poor688 votes (15%)
Royal Mail Parcels (6053 votes)
Great3026 votes (50%)
OK2304 votes (38%)
Poor723 votes (12%)
TNT (979 votes)
Great247 votes (25%)
OK507 votes (52%)
Poor225 votes (23%)
UPS (2219 votes)
Great1033 votes (47%)
OK848 votes (38%)
Poor338 votes (15%)
UK Mail (2322 votes)
Great629 votes (27%)
OK1066 votes (46%)
Poor627 votes (27%)
Yodel (5568 votes)
Great1282 votes (23%)
OK1524 votes (27%)
Poor2762 votes (50%)
Private courier/local independent courier (593 votes)
Great270 votes (46%)
OK206 votes (35%)
Poor117 votes (20%)
Never used a delivery firm
  43 votes
Had deliveries but don't know which firm
  194 votes

           9,340 people have voted.

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.