Are you a cashback connoisseur? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 02 March 2009:

Are you a cashback connoisseur?

Over the last few years, a raft of cashback sites have sprung up, offering you a cut of the ‘affiliate revenue’ they receive, so that if you buy products through them, you get cashback on top (see top cashback sites and the cashback maximiser for more). Regular MoneySavers swear by them... but how widespread is their usage?

Which of these is nearest your experience?


A. Never heard of them.716 votes (12 %)
B. Don’t understand them.856 votes (15 %)
C. Can’t be bothered.1,043 votes (18 %)
D. Used to, but given up now.232 votes (4 %)
E. Only for big things.216 votes (4 %)
F. Occasionally.750 votes (13 %)
G. Usually.776 votes (13 %)
H. Always, I’m a cashback connoisseur.1,169 votes (20 %)

                   5,758 votes received.

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