Have daily deals sites had their day?MoneySaving Poll Results


Sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and KGB Deals appeared like a rash a couple of years ago, with super-hot loss-leading deals. Yet do you now feel they’re just lukewarm?

Which of these is closest to your view?


Don’t bother now, and never did 1,873 votes (22 %)
Get the emails but never look, as they overload you1,795 votes (21 %)
I’ve given up, never bother at all now1,544 votes (18 %)
Love daily deals sites, check most days, always have672 votes (8 %)
Use occasionally, same as always894 votes (10 %)
Using less often, but do take up the occasional deal1,615 votes (19 %)
Using more often than I used to, they've grown on me302 votes (3 %)

                   8,695 votes received.

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